An endorsement of a personality called Narendra Modi #SeoulPeacePrize2018

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of a common man to congratulate our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi for having received the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize 2018. This is conferred in recognition of his contribution towards global peace through comprehensive economic growth and proactive policies with countries around the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first Indian to receive this prestigious award

It is a matter of fact that that he is the first Indian to have received this award till date since its inception in 1990. This is by no means a mean feat. It puts him alongside some of the past laureates who went on to get nominated and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. More importantly, it serves as a global endorsement of a majority perception in India of our current Prime Minister.

While the sickulars (as ever) fail to acknowledge and laud the achievement by undermining it in the #PulwamaAftermath, its time all the #Modibelievers celebrated (though subdued) the feat.

Hope this prize serves the NDA as another feather in its cap for its #2019PollCampaign to justify #ModiBakts.

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