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AIADMK, BJP alliance, the real nightmare of DMK– Know why

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Preparations for the forthcoming parliament election are gaining steam with the onset of summer in Tamil Nadu. Most of the smaller political parties are moving here and there to stitch an alliance with either of the major Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu. The interesting development is the deep worry and unnecessary anxiety of DMK in the likely alliance between BJP and AIADMK along with many other parties in Tamil Nadu. The fear of DMK is not only visible but also has enough substance and merit. From the vote share per se of AIADMK, BJP, PMK, DMDK if all the above parties form alliance, Stalin has lots to fear as the AIADMK alliance may hold up 58% of the vote share and that might sweep the poll.  Such situation may put an end not only to the ambition of Stalin to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu but also may end his political carrier and DMK. Hence, out of fear, frustration and anxiety, he is accusing that BJP only has forced AIADMK to form an alliance.

In fact AIADMK forming an alliance with BJP along with PMK and other parties will certainly do more good to AIADMK than to BJP because AIADMK today suffers from factionalism, lacks the great leadership of Amma and is also challenged by TTV Dinakaran. Such political situation would prove disastrous to the party if it go for pool all alone without forming an alliance. Many people in Tamil Nadu have started to consider BJP as a decisive political party and Nrendra Modi to be the most honest, upright Prime Minister with clear vision on development and sab ka viakas.

Therefore AIADMK aligning with BJP will give credible leadership to AIADMK, help to rejuvenate the cadres, revive the glory of the party and would give clear vision to the state through supporting a stable government at the centre under PM Modi

On the other hand, DMK has decided to align with congress where the formula will be seen as two dynasts wants to work together to save the sinking dynasty. Corruption charges faced by both the parties, entire state know.

Knowing fully well about the brilliant strategy of such alliance and PM Modi shall be the credible and dependable face of such an alliance in Tamil Nadu which will sweep the poll, Stalin has started to engage in hate politics and politics of negativism. He chose to attack Narendra Modi than AIADMK because he fears BJP to be the bigger threat to his dynasty politics than AIADMK.

If we look at the history of formation of DMK from DK and the role of hatred, atheism, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin rhetoric the hate politics of Stalin in nothing new.

For nearly 5 decades, hatred and negativism was the gene of the party. Hence Stalin is trying the same old formula of hate and negative politics by keeping Narendra Modi as the anchoring point.   He is equating Modiji and BJP to Hindutva and Hindutwa with Brahminism. So he is using the same formula to test his poll fortune. But the leaders like Seeman, Maniarasan, Sakthivel, John Pandian are not only gaining recognition and overwhelming support base in the state they also have sufficiently exposed how DMK has destroyed the great Tamil culture, Bhakti tradition and masked the Tamil identity with Dravidian tag to cover up the Telugu origin of some of its leaders.

People of Tamil Nadu have clearly understood how bad it would be for the state if DMK is elected. It is wise to elect AIADMK + BJP alliance than DMK and some more time is required for Seeman to mature as some of his ideologies look quite cruel and un-implementable. Therefore the need of the hour is a credible, honest, decisive government headed by PM Modi at the centre and TN being rule by the vision of Amma.

Stalin has accused and abused AIADMK government to be the most corrupt and has lost the faith and support of the people. If he believes the above to be true, why then he fears about the alliance between BJP and AIADMK as most to the surveys (might have been managed by DMK) have clearly shown that DMK would sweep the poll. Why he does not even want to face the election in Tiruvarur where his father contested and won the last election.

The first time voters and youths of Tamil Nadu must think of the state and the interest of the nation at large than anything else and must vote for development, sab ka vikas and stability. The politics of hatred and negativity, politics of anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmins rhetoric must end in the state as such politics will never take the state to development or prosperity.

The worst nightmare of Stalin is how to deal BJP+AIADMK alliance in the state and what he might have learned possibly from his father and others in DMK is nothing but engage in politics of hatred and negativity and that is why he is doing hate politics against Narendra Modi. Stalin is absolutely right in his fear that PM Modi will provide a credible and honest leadership to AIADMK front in Tamil Nadu and in all probability such an alliance may sweep the poll as well.

Hope the millions of youths and the first time voters will vote for development and sab ka vikas and not the vikas and power of two dynasts.

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