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Why Kamaraj was defeated in 1967 and why so much of anti-Modi chorus in Tamil Nadu

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People who have learned the history of hate politics in Tamil Nadu which was inaugurated by Dravidian politics will certainly agree that today Narendra Modi is facing the same fate of Kamaraj in 1967. But people of Tamil Nadu have changed and therefore will not make the same mistake of defeating Kamaraj and electing Dravidian brand politics of negativity, anti-God, anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin-ism.

People generally believe that Kamaraj lost election in 1967 only because of Hindi imposition strategy of the then central government and other allied issues. But the truth was different.  Kamaraj brought a big revolution in Tamil Nadu education where he introduced midday meal scheme in every school, started school in every village, brought uniform system, industrialized the state, improved the economy etc., but still he was defeated in 1967.

It was largely believed that Kamaraj suffered defeat purely due to some wrong political strategy of the then central Government.  The possibility of the Christian conversion-inst and their affiliates from the foreign soil also might have wanted the defeat of Kamaraj due to his educational reform in the state.

Christian conversion-inst came to India mainly to covert people to Christianity. They adopted several strategies and one of the strategies was to setup up educational institutions and through which they want to accomplish their mission. It could have been perceived that Kamaraj made a great reform in education in Tamil Nadu where no student in the school shall remain hungry thanks to midday meal scheme. The educational reform would have certainly angered the pith and pin of Christian conversion-inst. Victory of Kamaraj again in 1967 from the above context would prove greater danger to Christian conversion-ist and hence want Kamaraj to be defeated at any cost.

The above possibility gains credible ground from the style of leadership displayed by EV Ramasamy Naicker and his followers. EVR was always want British rule to continue than India’s independence which he called as North Indian (Aryan) rule. EVR in fact treated India’s Independence Day as black day. The Dravidian brigades also imported the term ‘Dravidian’ from Caldwell, a Christian missionary to rename Tamil identity.

The details shared by TN Seshan in his book – “Seshan- an intimate story” written by K Govindan Kutty of Konark Publishers suggest that Dravidian brand politics was in touch with Christian missionaries to work against Hindus may be to accomplish the agenda of conversion of the missionaries.

All the above details when be corroborate points towards a ploy well organized by some forces along with the Dravidian party. It was so unfortunate that Tamil Nadu defeated a great visionary – Kamaraj in 1967 and paved way for the politics of hatred, negativity, anti-god, anti-Hindi, anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin movement. Development of the state was hampered, corruption occupied the centre stage and the dynastic politics become the end result after the state is being handed over to Dravidian brand politics.

The anti-Modi politics that makes rock-bottom dance today in Tamil Nadu reminds nothing but a lobby that had worked together to defeat the development and prosperity of Tamil Nadu through defeating Kamaraj in 1967, today several such similar forces are working against Narendra Modi because he is firm against corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics. He wants development and sab ka vikas like Kamaraj and not vikas of one family either in Delhi or in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu will prosper and develop only if the state is ruled by the ethos of MGR and Amma with the guidance of the visionary leader PM Narendra Modi from the centre. Family politics and politics of negativity, hatred, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi, anti-Brahmin etc., initiated by Dravidian brand politics will do nothing to the state. Political friendship between the two dynasts will mean more to own family than to the state.  Hope people of Tamil Nadu will recognize the ground truth.

People of the state are coming back to Bhakti era of Tamil Nadu where divine worship, temple offering and rituals etc., have significantly increased in the state which is a great sign of change from Dravidian anti-God politics that ruined the state.

MGR was the first to question the issue of corruption in Tamil Nadu politics when he was the treasurer of DMK. Subsequently Amma brought several welfare and social reform schemes to make Tamil Nadu a very prosperous state.

The legacy of Amma must continue with the friendship and guidance of PM Narendra Modi, a leader known for integrity, tireless enthusiasm for India, committed totally for development and sab ka vikas.

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