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Tamil Nadu under Kamaraj versus anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin politics

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The present generation of Tamil Nadu must know the vision and value system that was promoted by Kamaraj. The attempt is aimed to share to the present generation that they should not to fall victim to dynastic, divisive, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin politics of those who pretend to be the born and exclusive owners of Tamil cause. In the name of Tamil, those pretenders have destroyed the state.

A small boy once proved his merit through delivering a wonderful speech in one of the congress meetings which was attended by Kamaraj, later advised the boy to focus on his studies rather than taking part in party meetings or public speeches. The boy who received the advice from Kamaraj later turned out to be one of the most efficient IAS officers in India.

On the contrary, the political party that came to power subsequently had infused Hindi hatred among school children and dragged the school children into party politics and politics of hatred.  Look at the difference between Kamaraj and the Dravidian party which knows only to perpetuate hatred towards God, Hindu culture, Brahmins etc.

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As soon as Kamaraj became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he turned his focus on industrialization. Since the state does not have rich natural resources like iron or coal, he was initially clueless and hence requested R. Venkaraman who was in the central government then; to join his ministry to develop the state. R Venkaraman was the brain behind the industrialization of Tamil Nadu. R. Venkaraman after knowing fully well about the limited natural resources in Tamil Nadu gave importance for engineering industries and manufacturing of products. As a result of his initiatives, several industries were set up and state was developed.

Look at the contrast between Kamaraj and the party of anti-God and anti-Hindu. Kamaraj told the young boy to study and not to take part in politics and made the boy as one of the efficient IAS officers. Whereas the party of anti-God, anti-Hindu instigated students in school to protest against Hindi and injected the young minds with hatred, negativism and anti-Brahmin sentiments.

The party of anti-God, anti-Hindu mission isolated Brahmins as most untouchable, non- Tamil race whereas Kamaraj invited R Venkaraman from central government to join his ministry to develop the state and kept the vision of Tamil Nadu and its development and not hatred against Brahmins or their isolation.

Kamaraj recognized the uncommon wisdom, integrity and statesmanship of Kakkan, whereas the party that came to power through negativism, anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin propaganda had divided the community as Dravidian and Aryan, has never recognized or given any prominent cabinet berth to the leaders of backward community in its ministry.

Kamaraj worked for Tamil Nadu, its development, improving education, industrialization, irrigation and agriculture, whereas the party that captured power through negativism and anti-God, anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin, anti-Hindi politics focused on developing own family, extended family, dynasty etc.

The party that came to power through negativism learned that the best industry and best business model in Tamil Nadu is education. Hence several of its leaders opened series of engineering colleges, nursing colleges, medical colleges to engage in roaring business.

Kamaraj wants students to focus on studies, whereas the party that infused hatred against God, Hindu culture and Brahmins sold education for premium price and produced degree holders without caring merit, whereas the mere advice of Kamaraj has changed the life of Balakrishnan to become one of the top most IAS officers in India.

Tamil Nadu is yawning for change. People must pledge their unconditional support to the politics of development and sab ka vikas of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tamil Nadu needs a government which is free from corruption, dynasty politics and nepotism. Re-experimenting with the same old party that knows nothing but negative politics, anti-God, anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin sentiments will not save the state.

A political change under the leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi alone can bring back the golden era of Tamil Nadu. A Tamil Nadu free of caste feelings, hatred towards Brahmins, Hindus, Hindi language, PM Modi alone can build. Hope Tamil Nadu become the real dream land soon and is free from negative politics of Dravidian party.

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