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Tamil Nadu during born Tamil ruler – Kamaraj versus ‘Anti God, Anti Hindu, Tamil pretenders’

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Kamaraj is the most forgotten leader, a statesman, a visionary and the one who made Tamil Nadu as it stands today by the present generation and shockingly even by the congress party.

The present generation must know the Tamil Nadu that they live today is really built by Kamaraj and not those who abused God, Hinduism and opposed Hindi language or takes pride in isolating Brahmins as non-Tamil race. Certainly MGR and Amma followed the spirit of Kamaraja era but could not go in full swing mostly due to the political reasons and the political landscape that was being created by brand ani-God, anti-Hindu political party. The present attempt is meant to awaken people those who really dream of a New Tamil Nadu, devoid of Dravidian brand politics.

Kamaraj ruled the state as its Chief Minister from 1954 through 1963.  In truth the period of Kamaraj was the real “Golden Era” of Tamil Nadu.

After recognizing the truth that only through education, any society can be uplifted and reformed, Kamaraj’s enquiry on why children were not being sent to school by parents ended up in the discovery poverty to be the chief reason. Immediately Kamaraj introduced midday meal scheme so that the children can be attracted to school, can be fed and then education can be provided.   Kamaraj showed the soul and spirit of true Tamil culture and which is the birth quality of every true Tamilan. To bring down further disparity among students in school, he introduced uniform system so that every student would look at each other in a similar manner and not in an arrogant or in a self- pitying manner. To ensure the service of education to further improve, Kamaraj increased the working days of school from 180 days to 200. Besides that Kamaraj also initiated efforts to build at least one primary level school in every village in Tamil Nadu so that primary level education can be provided in villages as well as the midday meal scheme to nourish the young children. Through his initiatives, the literacy rate in 1954 has increased from 7% to 37% by 1963.   The status of excellence in education enjoyed by the IIT Chennai was established by Kamaraj.

To create more employment opportunity and improve the state, Kamaraj further fomented industrialization. Kamaraj was the true architect for South India Viscose (SIV) in Sirumugai in Coimbatore, NLC in Neyveli, BHEL in Trichy, Hindustan Photo Films in Ooty, Integral Railway Coach Factory, Chennai etc.

To boost the agricultural sector, irrigation and perennial water supply, Kamaraj established Aliyar-Parambikulam project in Coimbatore district, Higher Bhavani, Mettur, Mani Muthar, Arani, Vaigai, Amaravathi, Sathanur, Pullambadi, Neyyaru etc.

Kamaraj made all-round development in Tamil Nadu with some of the glorious personalities as his minister such as C Subramaniam, R Venkatraman and Kakkan.

Kamaraj neither invoked Tamil chauvinism nor engaged in spreading negativity and hatred against God, Hinduism and Brahmins or divided the society with the fiction called Dravidian and Aryan theory propped by a Christian missionary – Caldwell. Kamaraj recognised every community with equal respect and that is how both Kakkan and Venkatraman enjoyed equal respect and dignity in Kamaraj government.

People of the present generation must review how the state has progressed immediately after Kamaraj era by the Dravidian party that came to power on the agenda of hatred, negativity, anti-God, anti- Hindu sentiments until the raise of MGR as an alternate force in TN. Had there been no MGR and Amma, the state would have been completely destroyed by family rule and rule of sycophancy and pseudo- Tamil forces.

Tamil Nadu was growing phenomenally during Kamaraj rule but that could not be fully sustained by MGR or Amma due to the political situation that was being created by the negative and hate politics by Anti-God, Anti-Hindu, Anti- Brahmin politics.

The state of Tamil Nadu needs to be rebuilt brick by brick and that is possible only if the people vote for the agenda of development and sab ka vikas of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kamaraj was of the view that only through education the society can be reformed whereas the Anti-God, Anti-Hindu party developed a robust and sustained business model through education by several of its leaders starting several educational institutions.

Kamaraj gave equal opportunity and dignity to Kakkan and Venkatraman but the Anti-God political party divided the community as Aryan and Dravidian and did nothing worthwhile to eliminate the caste system within Dravidian race. Instead the Anti-God, Aniti-Hindu political party used caste arithmetic to win election.

Another shocking aspect of the politics of Anti-God, Anti Hindu, anti-Brahmin mission of the Dravidian party is that now it proposes the name of a person who is running around from temples to establish his Brahmin DNA, Hindu identity and Dattatreya gotra, as Prime Minister of India.

Hope the people of Tamil Nadu, especially the present generation will recognize the hypocrisy and negative politics of the Anti-God, Anti-Hindu party and will support the agenda of development and sab ka vikas of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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