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Stalin and his amphibious/amphibian politics

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MK Stalin is although trying hard to fit into the shoes of M Karunanidhi, his father, but most of his political adventures have turns out to be mere jokes and comedies than have earned any respect or serious attention.

During the unveiling of the statue of M Karunanidhi, Stalin had invited both Sonia Gandhi and her son and president of Congress party Rahul Gandhi. In his speech, Stalin unilaterally proposed the name of Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister Candidate of united opposition which was criticized by several media reports. Mamata Banarjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal had organized a mega rally of the opposition parties recently to fight Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress simultaneously. She wants to form an alliance without congress to oppose Narendra Modi led BJP. The only agenda of such alliance is to oust Narendra Modi from power and nothing else.

Interestingly Stalin, the stalwart in Indian politics took part in the rally and spoke but forgot to mention (may be due to his age, although he was trying to woo youths in TN by imitating the dressing style of youths) his ambition to project Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister candidate of such united opposition alliance. Now he justifies that it is the desire of people of Tamil Nadu to have Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India but the situation in West Bengal is different so he has taken a different stand.

No one can entertain Indian electorates better than Rahul Gandhi was the popular belief but Stalin has outplayed Rahul Gandhi this time.

The amphibious and amphibian politics of Stalin is well known. When the protest in Neduvasal Hydrocarbon project broke out Stalin took part in the agitation. The present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, EP Palanisamy exposed the truth about who gave permission to Neduvasal project. It was Mr. Stalin who gave permission for the said project and then he championed agitation against the same project that he sanctioned to misguide people of Tamil Nadu that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the real villain.

When Stalin was encountered with the above facts that he only gave permission to Neduvasal Methane project, he made a very strange argument that he gave permission only to study the possibility of such project and not for extraction of Hydrocarbon.

Why the Government should ever study any project viability, is it for fun or to publish the data in some academic journal? Any project is studied by the government only for the implementation. How Stalin does not have this basic wisdom and how without such basic wisdom, he became Minister? The point of debate is about the hypocrisy, political convenience and fooling the people of Tamil Nadu.

Similarly DMK government was the one allotted land for Sterlite project in Thoothukudi in 2009- 2010 and the DMK government also defended Sterlite in Madras High Court as well. Strangely the president of the same DMK had joined the agitators to caricature PM Modi as the principal culprit of Sterlite project in Thoothukudi.

Stalin is trying to live both in land and water like a frog or is he showing he has such ability, is not clear. But his politics reveals nothing but his political immaturity, lack of clarity, restlessness, nervousness than political smartness and statesmanship. At any cost he wants to grab power.

Karunanidhi had Murasoli Maran to offer him timely advices about central politics, therefore he had never displayed such heightened hypocrisy or contradiction or immaturity like Stalin.

It also reminds another possibility that in political dynasty, the sons can at best only inherit the party and not the leadership quality or political maturity of their father and the best examples are Rahul Gandhi and now Stalin of DMK.

Today people are well connected with internet and social media. Any information can easily be traced in seconds and contradictions and hypocrisy can be verified and established. Stalin who wants to connect with youths and imitating the style of youths by wearing T-shirts, gens etc., how can be ignorant of the basic facts that he should speak with due care and least contradictions?

Another most shocking contradiction of Stalin is about his anti-Brahmin stand. His party had come to power by propagating negativity and hatred also against Brahmins. But today Rahul Gandhi is running around temples after temples, proving and establishing his Brahmin DNA, Hindu origin, Shiva Bhakti, commitment to protect cow etc. The same Rahul Gandhi has been chosen by Stalin for the post of Prime Minister of India.

Will Stalin engage in joint campaign in Tamil Nadu with Rahul Gandhi by hooping from one temple to another proving the Brahmin DNA of Rahul Gandhi and his Hindu origin?

Will Stalin who proposed the name of Raghul Gandhi as PM face of the united opposition party give away all 39 parliament seats to congress to assure 39 MPs in parliament?

Hope people of Tamil Nadu will ask all these questions before they cast their valuable vote in 2019.  Hope they vote for development and sab ka vikas and not the vikas of dynasty.

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