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Politics over caste versus poverty based reservation

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The core objective, purpose and meaning of caste based reservation requires to be re-visited otherwise only vote bank politics alone would continue and not the end result of such mission.  Any reform measures should uplift the people from the state of penury and neglect to the state of self-realization, self-actualization and self-support in due course of time. The reform measures sooner than later must put the backward class to auto-pilot mode of development. Otherwise the beneficiaries would be made to depend on such support system of the government perennially. Any form of ‘dependent thinking’ or such life style the government should never practice or promote upon people and instead, the government must empower people to be self-reliant and self-serving.

During post-colonial period, caste was taken as the indicator of one’s social status and hierarchical position in the society. But today things have changed considerably and education and economic status has occupied the place of the caste. Discrimination based on educational status and financial status is more obvious and vivid than caste, these days. Therefore the purpose of any government should be to foster opportunities for better education and creating employment opportunities. The support of the government must be extended to people in the society not based on which caste they belong to but it should be based on the economic status so that the economically weaker section will get enough fuel to grow and nurture in the society.

The caste based reservation on the other hand keeps the caste system alive and vibrant. Further such caste based reservation also continuously exposes the privileges of the privileged and make a perception that they have climbed up the ladder not purely based on merit. To abolish such disparity, discrimination and caste system, reservation must be made based on the economic status of people and not caste. This method of reservation would automatically exclude the existing beneficiary from the list when they attain economic independence and naturally the benefit would then flow down to the one who really deserve it.

When the caste based reservation is retained, naturally competitiveness of people are compromised, quality is mutilated and such reform mission will neither do any good to the beneficiary nor to the state.

Only through reservation based on economic status, we can abolish caste discrimination and caste system.

The politicians in India are not willing support the reservation based economic status because such system would abolish caste system progressively and also would make people highly empowered and self-reliant. Playing third rate politics is not possible with such empowered, self-reliant people. Whereas playing caste politics is possible when caste system is retained and the politicians can continuously project the backward class as backward, poor, under developed, under-privileged etc., and can whip the caste system and galvanise the vote.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a yeomen effort to abolish caste system in India, wants the reservation to be based on economic status and the priority of reservation should be to develop the people and not to retain the caste system. Several political parties in India today exist because of the caste system. Therefore most of the opposition parties do not want to abolish the caste system instead they want to keep the respective caste as the most deprived so that they can survive with the mission to improve the life of such caste block.

People of India, especially the present generation and first time voters must recognise the true intent and vision of PM Modi to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas to make Indians proud and empowered. But the fringe players wants to destroy India, wants to become the shareholders of power politics so that the dividends of loot and scam can be apportioned according to their shareholding.

The question is about the future of India. All those regional parties can survive only through grand alliance, but will India survive such disastrous experiment? This question people of India must ask before they vote in 2019.

Prosperity and development centric India, India free of caste and discrimination and India with sab ka vikas want Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India and not the dynast or regional players.

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