Manikarnika and Brahmanical patriarchy

7 pm. It was a rather dark evening. The liar journalist paced up and down the room, with an occasional scornful remark- “How could they?!” The intellectual giant had just watched the trailer of Manikarnika, and he was upset at once. Naturally, the sight of Bhagwa Dhwaj in the trailer gave him butterflies, and the chant “Har Har Mahadev” made him go ballistic! He presently dispatched a short email to his editor that a revolutionary article was coming his way!

The trailer had every element of oppressiveness! An army led by a Brahmin, with saffron flags, charging down on the poor European Christians! He shook with rage. “Epitome of Brahmanical patriarchy!”, he thought to himself. He took a chair. Sipping the Soy Latte noisily, he went over the content of the article in his head. “All set!”, he suddenly ejaculated. Yet there was a small issue. The supposed Brahmin patriarch here was a woman! It didn’t quite fit in his hierarchy of intersectionality. “How I wish it were a male character!”, he fancied.

A brahmin male marching down European Christians with a saffron army which has had a history of persecution of the poor Mogal Badshah and other benevolent Muslim rulers! All the ingredients of an explosive article! But here it was a female character. He gave it a thought, and finally decided to pursue his article anyway. He recalled from his Gender Studies class how even some women facilitated patriarchy. “A Sanghi is a Sanghi, no matter the gender”, he muttered, and instantly he recollected how the female Sanghi trolls on social media made his life miserable! He gave a shiver.

He sank in his chair, and started typing his article. The words started flowing. The caption was captivating! “The movie Manikarnika reflects the misogynistic intolerant culture of Brahmins, here’s why!”

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