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Spreading Hinduphobia: On the rise in the western countries

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Recently, I came across an article on social media, that was published by Al Jazeera under The “Opinion” section. I was flabbergasted by the amount of hate mongering and Hinduphobia that was incorporated in the article. The writer crafted a fictitious narrative, which compared Hindu Nationalist with White Supremacist. A completely imaginary collation, to malign both Hindus and India, as a country on global level. Although, the effort to relate Hindus with neo-Nazis is on a rise since 2016 in these western countries (especially by Hindus of Indian origin.) This article went over the top with its delusional anti-Hindu concepts. It called for people around the globe to join the fight against Hindu nationalism, to renounce India as a secular democracy. The principle point of the article, was to annotate and “document” the pseudo-connection between Hindu Nationalist and White supremacist, based on vague assumptive conclusions.

Moreover, the article’s aim was to demonize Hindu Nationalists and India as a country, with its many poor and un-researched examples. I will present the true facts, which were either misrepresented or conveniently overlooked mainly about Hindu Nationalist and India’s current situation. Unlike the Al Jazeera’s article, I will not be conclusive without evidence, on the contrary I will leave some open-ended questions for people to decide for themselves.

It was a bit difficult to grasp the flow of piece as it has subjects from all over the place, like creating a grand narrative of White Supremacy relation to Hindus Nationalist, Aryan Race, to RSS, BJP, communal lynchings in India, atrocities on minorities in India, Yoga, vegetarianism, urging people to join the fight against Hindu Nationalists and many other subjects. The gap between understanding the terminology of pro country and anti someone is very vast in this article where Hindu Nationalist are framed as anti-minorities.

In the beginning the article mentions White supremacy and Hindu nationalism have common roots based on the idea of the ‘Aryan race’. The writer did not necessarily supported the Aryan theory and called it a “myth” ironically the article states relation between Hindu right wing and western alt-right wing goes all the way back to the construction of the Aryan race identity, the ideological roots of Nazism. Aryan race and connect between Aryans and Indian concept was an European concept and has no historical roots to India. I would like elaborate for better understanding for readers who are not aware about the Aryan invasion theory.

The word Aryan does not existed in any Historical Sanskrit literature, the word Arya does,which means a civilized person.

The Aryan concept was widely promoted by Max Muller without any proof or evidence and, was used by British to accomplish their tactics of divide and rule. Mentioning India was a Dravidian country and then atrocious Aryans invaded and pushed Dravidians to the south, hence urging Southerns to revolt against Northerners. Which they were not very successful in doing until post Independence some Indian politicians used it for their political agenda. Dravidian basically is not a race but a geographical identity. Which means, person belonging to a place where the three coast meets, that’s the southern part of India.

There are many historians and scholars have written extensively, debunking this theory. Discussing on this theory is like beating a dead horse over and over, however it is still taught in many universities and inculcated into the minds of the younger generation, also some writers still use it as a reference.

Scientifically, this theory was proved wrong, using DNA test which proves, that the DNA of the North Indians is the same as of South Indians. The research was done by University of Cambridge, University of Houston and University of Mysore, the documents are variable in public domain under Journal of genetics of these universities. All Hindu Nationalists know and acknowledge the fallacy of the Aryan invasion theory and Aryan ancestry, is a false narrative.

The theory was European by nature and has nothing to do with India or its history. Matter of fact, Germans were fascinated by Sanskrit and Indian culture from where Nazis stole the swastika symbol, which is a part of 5000-year-old Hindu Culture. Swastika is an ancient icon which symbolized divinity and spiritually, it was greatly respected as a religious symbol, until Nazis hijacked it around 1930. If the European had a fascination with Hindu culture, how are Hindus to blamed for this? Let us put this into perspective for modern times. If a current terrorist group, decided to appropriate a religious symbol from a religion, use it for terrorist activities and claim it as their symbol. Is the original religion or the religious symbol itself, to be blamed for the terrorist activities?

Additionally, the article states, western alt-right and Indian Hindu Nationalist share a common goal in eroding the secular character of their respective states. With a common “enemy” in Muslim Minorities, by referring to Republican Hindu Coalition’s support for President Trump. There are two aspect of this paragraph. One, the U.S. is a democracy, where people get the right to choose who you support and vote for may it be Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, Individuals or anyone else.

There are several Indian organizations and Hindu organizations who champion Hindu Rights, like the Hindu American Foundation, which is bipartisan organization. A survey done by India New England Newspaper, concludes 80% of Indian Americans (Indian per-dominantly are Hindus in U.S.) support Democrats. So, am I to infer or conclude, if Indian American do not agree with the left and decide to support the right, the Republicans, they automatically become Anti-Muslim?

In my observation, It is not the Alt-Right and Indian Nationalist who have a common enemy in “Muslim.” Western Countries and India, share a common enemy in the ideology of radicalized Islamic terrorism. Even large portion of Muslims, in the Western Countries and India acknowledges and condemns terrorism.

Then, you have individuals, like Linda Sarsour, a Muslim “activists” in America, who promotes Sharia Law, she actively trying to weave it into the fabric of American Life. She currently, calling on Muslims to wage “Jihad” against President Trump, an elected president of the oldest democracies. Last year, during her speech at the 54th Islamic Society of North America Convention (ICNA), she gave a shout-out to her “favorite person in this room.” This was none other than the radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj, whom Sarsour called her “mentor, motivator and encourager.” Wahhaj, is an accused co-conspirator of the September 11th Terrorist Attack on the United States.

Recently, the Police raid an Extremist Islamist Compound in New Mexico, where compound leaders were training children to become school shooters. One of the leaders of this terrorist camp was none other than Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, son of Siraj Wahhaj. However, I have not seen any one truly sounding the alarm on the rising radical Islamic forces in Canada and the U.S. Ironically, Linda was campaigning for Democrats. This is solely my counter argument without supporting either political party, seeking to counter the writer, who has referred to a Hindu Group supporting presidential candidate as a union between Hindus Right Wing and Alt-Right Wing. What your take on a pro‑Jihadi, accused terrorist mentored campaigning for the other side?

Seeking to further illustrate her preconceive notions and imaginary connection, she uses the words of Trump’s campaign strategist, Steve Bannon who praised PM Modi by calling him “The Regan of India.” She relishes this right-sided admiration and praise of India’s Prime Minister, to support her narrative and completely disregards other world leaders and global leaders, from different ends of the political spectrum, who hold Modi in high regards. For example, Tony Abbott Ex-Prime Minister of Australia praise Modi in stating “We have lot to learn from Prime Minister Modi”, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (from the Democratic party) had praised Modi stating him as “an Impressive speaker.” After demonetization by Modi government, where the government banned 500 and 1000 rupee notes, in order to abrogate fake currency from circulation.

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates on demonetization said “Eliminate parallel economy and will bring transparency in the economy” (Gates had also praised Modi’s clean India efforts) Tim Cook also praised Modi’s effort stating “demonetization will have far deep effect.” Then World Bank’s CEO Kristalina Geogieva said “it will have a positive impact on the economy and world should study the step taken by India.” President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, congratulated the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for India’s historic rise in the Ease of Doing Business rankings, UN awarded PM Modi “Champion of the Earth” and the list goes on.

However, the writer chooses to mention Steve Bannon’s remark on Modi. Why, because mentioning the rest of the world leader and prominent business personalities praising Modi would not fit her agenda of creating fallacious narrative against Modi and Hindu Nationalist and their “relation with White Supremacy.”One of her many loose and weak examples, is the Canada’s organization Rise Canada’s logo, “which features a red maple leaf rising out of a lotus flower, which is often associated with Hinduism.” Again, Hindus are responsible for a Canadian organization uses of a Lotus in their logo?

Conveniently, the writer forgot to mention other things happening in Canada, for instance “Carry the Light” event hosted by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) which was formally announced as, “Open for public, anyone who seeking knowledge.” However, when Laura Loomer an American Jewish journalist tried to attend the event, she was stopped at the entrance and not allowed to even go pass the hallway. Where she was told this event was exclusively for “Muslims Only,” which is religious discrimination and exclusivity. The event was touted and promoted as “vision of love, compassion, and caring environment for all.” Speakers in the convention included Linda Sarsour, Siraj Wahhaj and many other Pro-Jihadi Speakers, reports states the event allegedly has raised funds for terrorist organizations.

The article also mentioned the “far right” Tapan Ghosh, who was invited to speak in the UK Parliament. I ask you, what is wrong when people raise their voice in concern? People may have possibly witnessed and experience atrocities on a first-hand level. Brigitte Gabriel, is a prime example, she is a survivor of terrorism or Ayaan Hirsi Ali who had seen the ugly face of radical Islam. However, people sitting in the safety of their home and offices, will unfairly judge them, based on knowledge gained solely from watching the News, reading articles and baseless social media reports. In my opinion, it is better to be informed conservative, than a blindly obedient liberal, led by the nose.

Coming back to Tapan Ghosh, who is Hindu activist and fights for Hindu rights. Again, the writer forgets Hindu Nationalist are also human, living in democracy and deserve equal rights of freedom of speech and thought. Where everyone should have their rights to raise their concern and voice when needed. “Like writing an article to demonize people with all the possible negative terminology, without backing up with proof.” There is a difference between people raising their voice by using their rights within a Constitution Government and people like Anjem Choudhary (was convicted of recruiting for ISIS in UK) promoting and batting for sharia and running sharia courts in UK rejecting the constitution. However, when moderate Muslims like Maajid Nawaz, Tarek Fatah, Imam Tawhidi raise their concerns against radical Islamist, even they are framed as Islamophobic. So, should we postulate the liberals who has no connection to Islam knows more about Islam, than Islamic scholars?

Article also states, the “Babari Masjid” was illegally demolished in Ayodhaya (birth place of Lord Ram). The writers detracted the factuality, ignored the entire history of the issue. The Babri “Masjid” (Mosque) was a controversial structure built by Babur, who was a barbaric, atrocious Islamic invaders from Afghanistan. Babur destroyed the holy and historic temple at Lord Ram’s birth place, where he then built a Mosque.Ayodhaya, the birth place of Lord Ram, is as sacred to Hindu, as the Vatican is to Christians, Jerusalem is to Jewish and Mecca is to Muslims. The Babari Structure stood for hundreds of years.

Imagine, if an Islamic invader had destroyed a Holy Place like the Vatican and when Christians want to re-gain the control after hundreds of year, they still have to wait for over 25 years for a decision from the court, that remains in a pending status. This is even after the archaeological team designated by the court which included Muslim members, accessed the site. The team concluded that, the Hindu temple existed before the “mosque” and the “mosque” was built after demolishing Hindu temple. Similarly, there are over 3000 Hindu temples destroyed by Islamic invaders (Moguls). Their barbaric acts were not only limited to destruction of temples it also involves looting the temples, atrocities on Hindus, massacre, forceful conversions of Hindus which they had proudly recorded as achievements in Mogul’s own documents.

Unfortunately, the Hindu Holocaust, the biggest Holocaust in human history is never talked about, where the victim count is about 80 Million over period of time. However, Hindus are still waiting for justice from the courts, allowing them to re-build a temple in one of their most sacred places. To properly venerate, Lord Ram’s idol to a structure allowing more respect than the raggedy shanty where the Hindu Lord is currently residing.

In recent, history, several Hindu temples were destroyed in Kashmir, India and Kashmiri Pandits (Hindu Priest community from Kashmir) were dragged out of their houses, robbed, raped and massacred by extremist Islamist, in a country where the Hindus are about 80% of majority, yet no one was able to stop the massacre. This was not during the Mogul Era but took pace in recent times, in 1990. Today, out of 350,000 Pandits, there are only 2,764 Hindus left there, according to a BBC News report in 2016. During this time, there were several Hindu temples destroyed as well. But people conveniently dodge historical facts and, atrocities on Hindus in the Hindu Majority Country. They make specious argument, drawing false narrative, which portrays Hindus as Islamophobic and India as unsafe for minorities.

The height of fear mongering reached its pinnacle, when the article compared people dressed as Lord Ram and Goddess Sita in Ayodhaya during Diwali, to White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fictitiously conclusion, that the auspicious religious event’s only purpose was to “intimidate Muslims.” Another point made without concrete reasoning, equating a celebration of Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhaya from 14 years of exile with White Supremacist hate rally. Since, when has celebrating one’s festival became a form of intimation towards Muslims? This is simply trying to incite Muslims and sowing seed of hatred against Hindus.

The writer reaches to a new height of fiction, by stating, “Hindu Nationalist rejects the constitution and secularism, inspired by European Fascism.” PM Modi, who is also disparage for being a Hindu-Nationalist had always talked about “sabka saath sabka vikas” which means, in support of everyone, development for everyone. If Hindus Nationalist were truly against the constitution, they wouldn’t had waited patiently for 25 years for the court’s decision, in order to re-build Ram Temple.

Touching further on the topic of Indian inequality against Hindus, did you know only Hindu Temples are controlled by the government, while all other religious institutions are self‑govern? On this issue as well, the supposed “Hindu Nationalist who reject the constitution” decided to opt for legal recourse. A petition has been filed in the court, seeking an equable solution for this issue, that would be fair and just for all. Imagine if all the Christian Churches in America were controlled by the government, and the government decided how and where to use their donations money, dictating rules and regulations for in the Churches. Whereas, all other religious institutions like Hindu Temple, Mosques, Sikh Temple, Synagogues are self-controlled? During a podcast Jeremy “The Professor”, one of the known YouTubers told me “all the various Christian sects will unite and revolt against the government’s decision and possibly engage in a civil war like situation in America.”

The writer directs our attention to when Prime Minister Modi took office in 2014, and a supposed increase on attacks on minorities and backward caste. Modi is framed, as a quintessential Hindu-Nationalist who is anti-Muslims, anti-Christian and anti‑Backward caste. She compares the rise of hate crimes in the US, after President Donald Trump took office in 2016, to “Hindutatva.” It is an ideology that sought to define Indian Culture, in terms of Hindu values for all the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, irrespective of their religious practices. Conveniently forgetting, Narendra Modi comes from a backward community himself. She completely ignores the fact that several Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP political party which Modi belongs to) workers who are tried to be framed as right wing Hindu Nationalist and anti-Muslim, leaders from these organizations have been hacked to death in various India States. Probably unknown of the fact, RSS has its own Muslim wing (Muslim Rashtriya Manch) which consist of thousands of proud Indian Muslims and BJP have many prominent Muslim leaders in the party.

The attacks on “Hindu Nationalists” has sky rocked in past few years. This year, several RSS and BJP workers were murdered. In the state of West Bengal within three days of this first incident, another two BJP workers were killed. Then, another BJP worker was murdered, and his colleague was injured in West Bengal. Allegedly, all these people were killed by a pro-Muslim, anti-Hindu Party, the All India Trinamool Congress’s (TMC) workers. This past November, another BJP Worker Samrath Kumawat, was shot and his neck violently slashed with sword in Rajasthan. Similarly, RSS worker have been mercilessly killed in Kannur, Kerala. Another RSS worker, a 23-year old Ananandan was hacked to death in Guruvayur, Kerala. These are just few examples of recent incidents. There are dozens of Hindus attacked and murdered, based on religious hatred, within the last five years in India.

Now, we come to the Indian Liberals favorite topic of lynchings, based on allegedly carrying or eating beef. As per the article these lynchings supposedly “started” in 2014. I would highly recommend people to do some research, before making baseless allegation and distorted statements. The fact is these incidents have been strategically marketed by the highly politically influenced media. These are unfortunate incidents, you should take notice that people from both sides have died. The India Media have practiced selective journalism, never covers the incidents where Hindus are lynched by Muslim mobs.

You can almost get the impression that the certain India Media houses no longer report the news but push the agenda of others for a price. I will refute the writer’s statement that “since Hindu nationalist government took charge minorities had been lynched,” concentrate on the time period of the last four and a half years. In reviewing the facts, there have been 44 lynching instances been reported majority from rural parts of India, out of which 13 were related communal issues. If you examine the 13 instances, 6 went either not reported or under reported. Any guesses why? Those 6 people were Hindus, including 2 sadhus (Hindu Monks) who were lynched by Muslim mobs for trying to rescue cows just before Bakri-Eid (Muslim festival where they sacrifice animals). Every year, there are several Border Safety Forces, who are executed by Cow Smugglers. Unsurprisingly, no one addresses this issue nor raises their voices in concern.

By no means, I am not supporting any type of lynching or violence. I am simply trying to shine a light on the real issue, which people may not be aware because of selective reporting. Unfortunately, the anti-Hindu bias media and their acolytes, spreading their falsehoods, all over the world using their disputable theories and knowledge to misinform the public.

Every year, there are approximately, 3-4 million cows illegally smuggled to Bangladesh from India’s Eastern Borders. Each cow costing on an average $400-$500 USD, making cow smuggling a very lucrative $1.6 billion business. Many of the cows are stolen from poor villagers, whose livelihood depends on their family cow, and go thought hardship and efforts to afford that cow. One day, that precious cow gets stolen by Cow Smugglers. Now, the poor villager has lost an income stream and way of feed their family, on top of that they are in debt to the leaders who gave them the money to purchase the cow. Imagine, one day someone comes in and decide to decimate everything what you have created, leaving your family to starve. What would you do? For readers in the Western World, it might be comparatively easier to seek government assistance and take legal action. Unfortunately, it is not the same situation in rural India, where the legal system moves at a glacial pace. In the majority of these instances, when people (including the people from entire village) tried to take justice in their own hands, these occasions are reported as “communal lynchings.”

After reading the article further, I fail to understand where the writer gets her thoughts, trying to relate unrelated issues by stating, “after the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, people raised their concerns against raising Islamophobia and antisemitism” but not against Hindus based on “documented” suffering of minorities in India. There is no connection between the Pittsburgh incident, Islamophobia and Hindus Nationalist. Do you know, India is the only country where Jews were never persecuted? I understand the provocative intention in comparing Hindus Nationalist with Islamophobic, but the argument lacks both merit and logic.

Probably, people who fail to see the ground reality in India, should not try to malign India by stating “idea of India as Hindu Nation is accepted by majority of liberals.” In a country, where the majority is struggling to get their basic religious liberties, who face interfered by the liberals. Previously, mention examples in my article, are just the tip of the iceberg. Hindu festivals like Ganesha Festival and Navaratri, which last an average of ten days in a year, faces restriction based on noise pollution. The restrictions are applauded and championed by liberals. Recently, a predominant singer Sonu Nigam was trolled and attacked by same liberals, when he raised his voice against the use of speakers by Mosques (who is now almost without a job, for raising his concerns). This noise pollution, goes all around the year and starting as early as 5 AM.

Apparently, the writer of the Al Jareeza’s article, has issues with the fact that the India’s Constitution, which defines the state as “secular,” is being ignored. On this point, I agree with her 100%. I would like to postulate, that India is not a secular country but a minority oligarchy. In a country where, the minorities, especially Muslims, get the freedom of worship, Hindus are stopped form performing their own rituals. According to Former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, “Muslims must have first claim on resources in India.” An excellent example of this ideal, is when people going to Haj (Islamic religious pilgrimage) were provided subsidy by the government from taxpayers’ money. Yet, no assistance is ever offered to Hindus, Sikhs, Christian, Jews or other religious pilgrimage. A country where Hindus are restricted and dictated when and how to practice their religious activities and festivals, but Muslims gets a free hand even when they block major streets to offer Namaz (prayers) creating hours long of traffic jams and are provided by police security to ensure no interference. A country where a Muslim men can have multiple wives based on “Islam”and in same situation Hindu will be put in jail based on polygamy laws. I will like to rectify my statement and reclassify India as an Islamic oligarchy.

Since 2014, if we are to believe the article, Hinduphobic, are baffled around the world, by the rise of Hindu intolerant. I would like to clarify this by saying, in the past few years Hindus started to raise their voice against oppression on a wider platform. People are not used to Hindus raising their voice and demanding their rights, as this is a relatively new phoneme. After 1000 years of oppression, it maybe bewildered to some, for Hindus to seek their equal rights, because apparently, they do not deserve any rights.

The article also, racially profiling vegans as “White Vegans,” who supposedly rejoice when they learned of the news of the “Beef Ban” in several states in India. This is the most stereotyped terminology I had ever heard from any responsible writer (if the write is responsible). Not all vegans in the West are White, or probably there would be a parallel world where only white vegans were happy by beef ban and black and brown vegans were upset. The level of hate and typecasting is overwhelming and astonishing. Many vegans or vegetarians give up meat due to health concerns or are against cruelty towards “ALL” animal.

Making a comment on PETA, the article accuses the organization of playing a role in communal politics. PETA is not a cow rescue organization or a cow shelter, they stand for all animal rights. Why is it a problem, if they are promoting, vegetarianism or veganism to save animals? My genuine suggestion is to please check out some documentaries made by investigative journalist, where they show the atrocities done to animals in slaughter houses. By the way, these journalists are neither Hindu nor are “their supporter” White Supremacist.
Refocusing on the issue of cow smuggling in India, recently I interviewed Ashwin, a lawyer and co-founder of Dakshina Vrindavan (DV) a Cow Shelter in Kerala. They rescue cows and bulls from illegal slaughter houses. Ashwin detailed for me all the abuse the cows experience from the smugglers. During transportation of the cows, smugglers stuff chilies (hot peppers) and tobacco in their eyes, vagina or penis sheath of the cattle. He provided me with pictures and video evidence, which was also telecasted on Asinet News Channel.

The smugglers do such heinous acts for several reasons. The more cows they transported in one trip, the more money they make. Also, if the cow remains standing it is easier to stuff more cows in the truck, thus allowing the truck to be crammed to its highest capacity. Should a cow sit down, other cows may stamp on it, in the case of a dead cow the smuggler will not reap the financial reward for the cow. Keeping the cows irritated and uncomfortable, with peppers and tobacco insertion into their eyes and private parts, ultimately results in the cows going permanently blind. Another tactic used to steal a cow by illegal slaughter houses, is to break the leg of the cows with iron rods. DV has rescued cows found with broken legs and lost vision. Cow robbers do these heinous acts, to prevent the cows from running away and enabling them to easily place it in a truck and transport it, to the slaughter house.
Historically, White Supremacist have committed atrocities and heinous crimes on non‑whites, be them Jews or Black or any other “un‑pure” non‑white. While, Hindus are forced to battle for their equal rights, and are being killed just for raising their voice.

The same liberal, who are so-called messiahs of freedom of speech, are nowhere to be found when the civil liberties are being suppressed for Hindus. Even in a predominately Hindu Country, like India, where minority appeasement politics has crossed all its limits and Hindus are being slaughter, just like the cows.
Finally, the writer also has a problem with “Yoga Moms” in US and vegan activist in Europe. The holistic and healthy practices, that originate in India are not a nasty evil plague, spreading and infecting the Western World. It is foolish and ignorant to view them in this negative manner. Yoga is not limited to just the US and veganism to just Europe. The world has embraced these practices based on the positive effects in their lives and not based on religious affiliation.

The writers issue a call to action, urging, people from all around the world including Liberal Hindus and non-Hindus, to join a fight against Hindu Nationalist. This is irresponsible, and place hundreds of thousands of Hindus, at risk in Western Countries. The writer fails to acknowledge the lack of awareness in the West, regarding India Culture and Hinduism, the third largest religion in the world. During the aftermath of Islamic Terrorism against the US, Sikhs were mistakenly seen as Arabs and killed. Several other Hindus, viewed as easy target, experience hate crimes in the United Kingdom. In my personal experience, where I was attacked by “Junkie” gangs in Scotland, who charged at me wielding beer bottles and raising slogans of, “Paki Terrorist go back.”
There have been additional attacks reported, in Western Countries against Indians, with some because of mistaken identity, against anti‑Indian and anti‑Hindu. With incidents, ranging from “Doorbusters” Gang in New Jersey, who attacked Hindu Women by identifying them by the “dot” on their forehead, to the murder of a Young Indian Professional in Kansas Bar.

The attacks are not only limited to one country, but take place all over the world, from UK to Australia, Canada and Europe. As previously mentioned, true awareness and knowledge about Hindus and India, is lacking, in the West World. Therefore, provocative statements are dangerous. This misguided attempt, urging people to join the fight against Hindu Nationalist, is endangering hundreds of thousands of Hindu and Indian, placing their lives at risk, in the Western Countries.

Wholesale damage is being done, when media house like Al Jazeera publish hate mongering article in their “opinion” column. Potentiality serving, as future inspiration for racial attacks on Hindus in Western Countries, along with other venom filled articles of the same ilk. Although the article, did not directly call for violence, it did spread hatred against Hindus, with its fictional correlation theory between White Supremacist and Hindu Nationalist. The sole potential motive, behind this careful crafted fiction, would be to malign Hinduism with a demonizing concept. By relating a proud ancient religion, to some imaginary theory postulating a “relationship” between Hinduism and White Supremacist.

The writer piecemealed tenuous connections to inform and create her baseless theory. Her theory is a perfect example of Hinduphobia, and she appears to be a product of Hinduphobic Academia, which Indic Scholar and writer, Rajiv Malhtora explain in depth in his book “Academic Hinduphobia.” The war against India and Hinduism, today is simply a matter of casting disturbing allegations, with little to no proof required. By the time the allegations are disproved, the damage is already done. In a majority of the time, the perpetrators are of Hindus and Indian Origin. Propaganda is never about proving the truth but sowing the seeds of doubt. Xenophobic who fear Indian’s cultural and religious influences, Self‑flagellating Indians and Hinduphobics, have mastered this art.

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