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Home Politics Opposition of BJP: In search of partners to loot

Opposition of BJP: In search of partners to loot

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The tukde tukde gangs are creating high decibel noise in India by abusing India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and are also constantly engaged in spreading lies that India has been destroyed by him. From their point of view, PM Modi has destroyed the India that had favoured them and facilitated them to loot as Indians were then so innocent and gullible till 2014.

The India that had venerated the culture of dynasty, nepotism and the club of sycophants so gullible which Narendra Modi has destroyed and built a New India to achieve sab ka vikas. He made Indians to be aspirational and dream of New India than follow the dynast and be a mere sloganeer. When we take into account the amazing development that India has achieved under Prime Minister Modi, certainly he has changed India and according to tukde tukde gangs, their old India has been destroyed so the Tukde gangs cannot hereon fool Indians and loot the nation.

Although all these tukde gangs have different party names, ideologies and flags, but all of them are nothing but only the different organs or parts of the same body called destruction, negativism, nemesis, pessimism, culture of dynasty, loot and nepotism. Therefore destroying one organ or part of the body from Indian politics can only at best weaken but cannot result in creating a New India free of scams and corruptions. That is why PM Modi needs absolute majority to purify all political establishments of scams and nepotism. Only if Narendra Modi led BJP has absolute majority he can be politically decisive and firm in his actions and decisions otherwise it is not Narendra Modi, India will be the sufferer and big loser.


The question is why several tukde groups are running from pillar to post and talking about third front with congress or federal front without congress to oppose BJP? Some political party in down south has already identified itself with congress in its culture, character and behaviour therefore the party has proposed another dynast for the post of Prime Minister of India. While some other parties are seeing each other as own mirror image but were fighting with each other in the past.

What they appear to have discovered so common among them recently is the power. So long they were fighting for power to loot our nation. All those tukde tukde gangs want power to loot our nation so the common glue that can bind them together is power. Even though in such partnership venture, the profit margin may fall down, but still it is worth for them to align than having no opportunity to loot the nation. Further Narendra Modi is doing everything possible to prevent corruption and scams, he is waking up the people of India, making them responsible, inspiring them to see dream about a New India, empowering people in all walks of life.  All these transformational initiatives of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi have caused diarrhoea and dysentery to many tukde tukde gangs.

It is not going to be easy for the tukde tukde gangs to grab power if they fight alone and that is why they are aligning with each other to come to power. For power they are willing to scale down their profit because according to them shared chance to loot is better than no chance to loot the nation. Indians alone can save India and only if Indians pledge their unconditional support to Narendra Modi in 2019, India can be saved from all these tukde tukde gangs.

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