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Know the value of your voting right from bedtime story of pig and sheep

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This is all about the story of sheep and pig in the meadow. A shepherd used to come to meadow regularly to pick sheep that were grazing and in most occasions the sheep used to be very calm and silent. Interestingly when the same shepherd comes to catch pig, the pig used to scream, cry and do everything possible to escape from the shepherd. The question is why the sheep remain calm and benign while the pig behaves so violently?

Out of curiosity one day a sheep went to a pig and asked why you are screaming loudly as the shepherd used to pick us also often and none of us ever scream or have made any such show like you. To the curious sheep, the pig replied that the shepherd catches you only for the wool but he catches me for bacon, it means to slaughter. I scream and cry for my life but you don’t need to do that because at best you offer only your fur and not life.

The above story conveys an important meaning to the electorates of India. Most of the Indians value the voting the least and not equal to our life. Every single vote decides and define the destiny of our nation. During election most of us show only the response of a sheep how when it is taken by the shepherd for wool and not like the pig that is taken for bacon. Most of the people have devalued the value of the voting right.

Most of the Indians came to know the value of voting right only after Narendra Modi led BJP came into power in 2014. PM Modi has displayed high level of honesty and probity in public life, focused on development and sab ka vikas, united the nation through the living culture called Hinduism and set the agenda for New India. People have become aspirational; started to think of new India, digital India, India becoming economic super power etc.  Only now most of the Indians have understood the value of voting right. Voting right is equal to our right to live. Therefore in 2019 election, Indians must display uncommon intelligence and extraordinary commitment to elect the decisive, honest, committed leader in 2019 and not those fringe players and dynasts.

If we allow all those corrupt forces to come to power, they would loot and ruin our country.  People of India must sense the danger of instability, no development and the greed of different political parties going to experiment with the destiny of India if the dynasts and fringe players are elected in 2019.

2019 election is not the contest of between Narendra Modi and rest but it is the contest between future of India, development, sab ka vikas versus dynasty and greedy politics of looters. It is people versus corruption.

Narendra Modi represents the voice and vision of people. He represents the dream and aspiration of people. He represents development and mission of sab ka vikas. On the contrary the dynastic political forces represent their dynasty, family rule, scam, corruption, nepotism and misrule.

The dynastic forces were rearing the culture of vote bank politics over minority appeasement exactly like how the shepherd was rearing pig for bacon. The story of sheep and pig conveys nothing but the importance and value of life and how intelligently the pig had sensed the danger in advance although it could not escape.

The development India had achieved in the last 4 years is exemplary. People of India must recognize the absolute truth that India will be doomed and destroyed forever if the dynastic forces are given a chance to rule India. Instability, economic slowdown, policy paralysis, coalition compulsion, selfishness, nepotism corruption, no development etc., would be the by-product if the regional forces and the dynastic political parties are allowed to rule India.

Indians must see the future of our country and must pledge their unconditional support to the eligible party to make India a great country where every Indian prosper and progress irrespective their religious affiliations or belief system and our nation continue to grow under the great culture called Hinduism.

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