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Chnadrababu Naidu: The real mushroom phenomenon in Indian politics

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The new champion of secularism, institution’s independence and ultimate saviour of democracy, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu is proven to be a ‘mushroom phenomenon’ in Indian politics. The way media have hyped and constructed a cult of personality and larger than life image out of Chndrababu Naidu when he formed an alliance with congress in Telengana to contest the assembly election was incredible. The party that was formed against congress ethos and stood against congress for several decades, Chandrababu Naidu dared to sell the same ideology for his selfish political reason. For his sins he is being punished brutally by people of Telenagana and soon the people of Andhara Pradesh also would show him the exit door from Indian politics.

Chnadrababu Naidu just believed that arithmetic alone is sufficient to achieve the political means and people are nothing but mere voting machine and he believed that based on the alliance equation people would vote. People are not fool and nor are voting machine as presumed by Naidu. More than congress, Naidu has every reason to worry. Andhara Pradesh assembly election is not far away and Naidu is in catch 20 situation. Whether to continue alliance with congress or ditch the alliance with congress and contest the poll separately may worry him but both options are not going to make much difference to his political future, he also knows the best. Initially he feared Jaganmohan phenomenon and which compelled him to align with congress to defeat KCR.  Today Naidu has scripted his own defeat and has lots to worry about his own political wisdom which is sufficient to ensure his defeat than Jaganmohan Reddy.

The over intelligence and over ambition over poll arithmetic of congress, Chandrababu Naidu also mocked the idea of grand alliance. If KCR join the grand alliance along with TDP, KCR too may earn the wrath of people therefore KRC is all wisdom may not join an alliance where congress and TDP are the players.


Another big challenge also Naidu is facing. Oppose BJP and Narendra Modi for no reason or align with congress to form a grand alliance at national level or how to set his house in order in AP to do something to put up a decent fight in coming AP election are the issues going to hunt Naidu.

The way media mad cut outs out of Naidu reminds nothing but the mere mushroom phenomenon of Naidu. After the first or second shower, within hours or days, Mushroom with brilliant colurs, design and size would appear in the under story of the forest or over a dead and decayed wood.  It would be incredible to watch the sudden and spontaneous appearance of the mushroom but within hours to days, the same mushroom would disappear from the scene. Today the entry and exit of Naidu from national scene and the image that he got created out of media reminds nothing but Naidu is a mere mushroom phenomena in Indian politics. He tries to grow like a mushroom over dead snag and for which he chose congress the born and sworn enemy of TDP. Neither chemistry, nor arithmetic has worked to his favour and instead he has eroded not only his political base but also his credibility.

Naidu’s only aim was to defeat BJP and Narendra Modi and to achieve the above goal Naidu was willing to do anything including self-destruction self-defeat.


The outcome of recently held assembly election sends clear messages to all political forces. But the message for the Naidu is harsher, bitter and punishing in nature. Greed, power hunger, negative politics and assuming people as mere voting machine are not going to work in Andhra politics anymore and only the politics of development of Narendra Modi led BJP alone going to win in 2019.

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