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What is common between ‘Samba’ who destroyed Yatus and India’s dynasts with Brahmin DNA?

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The sudden transformation of the Congress party exhibiting extraordinary love for Hindus with the claim that it has Brahmin DNA and the party would do everything possible to save cows have amused and shocked the people of India.  In the past, the dynastic party had claimed through its actions that Congress is the party of and for the Muslims.

After seeing the Chameleon-nic colour change of Congress party, Hindus hope that the minority communities and Muslims would realize the truth of pseudo-love and vote bank politics of Congress and will support PM Modi for his true mission of development and sab ka Vikas. People of India should leave the Congress party to serve cows and runs to various temples than rule the country.

The Congress leaders argue that Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajive Gandhi all of them were either Brahmins or had Brahmin DNA.  The above argument was to justify the dynasty to be great by birth or he was born as the saviour of Brahmin community?

The way the dynast conducts himself as the president of the age-old party, it strongly suggests that he is trying to replay and recast the role of Samba, one of the sons of Lord Krishna.  Samba was born to destroy the entire Yatu clan and the same way the dynasty is also actually destroying the age-old party by uttering all such nonsenses 24X7.

The wife of Krishna, Jambavati approached Krishna to have a son like Pradyumna who was born to Krishna and Rukmini.  Krishna worshipped Lord Siva and Lord Siva appeared as Samba and told Krishna to ask for a boon.   Krishna then asked Siva to have a son exactly like Samba. Siva granted the boon and then the Samba was born to Krishna and Jambavati.  Like the role of Siva, destruction of the creation, Samba destroyed the entire race of Yadus as Yadus could not be defeated by anyone.

If we carefully reflect the birth and role of Samba we can find several similarities with that of the dynast.  Like how Krishna did long penance and several austerities to have a son like Sive – Samba, the Congress also waited for very long period patiently before making the dynast as president of the party might be with the hope that one day the dynast would mature.  But that did not happen therefore the party has lost its hope and then made the dynast as head of the party.

Congress is an age-old party and has root all over India.  So it cannot be destroyed so easily like how Yadus were described to be as immortal.  Like how Samba who was born to destroy Yadus, the dynast is also doing his best to make the party insignificant, irrelevant and at best the party that can entertain Indian audience like Charlie Chaplin.

Samba carried the DNA of Krishna but destroyed the Yadus.  Similarly, the dynast also can claim he carries the DNA of Brahmin, he is Siva bhakta etc., but we should never fail to appreciate him for the role that he is doing effectively – destroying the party.

It looks like Congress is totally clueless.  Whether to appease minority or prove its credential as Hindu party, establish it has the DNA of Brahmin, exhibit its commitment to protect cows….. what the party should do to get votes, the party has no clarity.  The party does not have any vision for the country.

The dynast is neither true to Muslims and other minority communities nor to Hindus.  The party doesn’t even know the meaning of secularism as it appears.

The dynast wants just power and somehow wants to win the coming election.  More than anything the dynast does not want PM Modi to win as he may develop Indian and achieve sab ka Vikas.

The dynast is even willing to forgo his party’s victory but wants to ensure the defeat of PM Modi. The dynast is so scared of the Prime Minister because he is destroying all palaces of corrupts. The Pradhan Sevak is developing the country and ensuring Sab Ka Vikas.  Once the country is developed, the corrupt forces cannot play poverty card and minority appeasement.  The divisive forces never want India to develop instead they want only their dynasty to develop.

Definitely, we must praise and appreciate the Samba (dynast) for doing the right thing to the party.  The forthcoming election should be seen as a fight between the agenda of development and fight for the resurrection of dying dynasty. India should vote for development and sab ka Vikas mission of Prime Minister Modi.

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