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United Hindus: The only way to end minority appeasement politics

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The Axiom
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The most powerful tool in any democracy citizens have is their vote and, it is the responsibility of the citizens to choose their representatives wisely. When people from Hindu Community complains about minority appeasement politics, vote bank politics, and how Hindus are being neglected by certain political parties in India, they should look inwardly. Hindus should blame themselves as a community.

So, first thing first, why does minority appeasement and polarization politics exist? Why does several political parties try to woo the minority community?

In India, majority of the time, the Muslim Community is a pseudo-beneficiary of this political strategy for the sake of their votes. These political parties create a dilemma, hysteria, fear and threat among the Muslim Community from the demonized and maligned Hindu Community. The parties create a scenario where Muslims are being oppressed and not treated well. These political parties portray themselves as the saviors of Muslims, for the sake of votes. These activity reaches their pinnacle, during election season. However, once the votes are secured and these parties come in power, such communities are no longer as important as they were during elections.

The real question, the Muslim Community should ask themselves, what have they received after 70 years of voting for such parties? Had the deceitful promises been fulfilled, had such party’s government genuinely worked towards improvement of any community, may it be the majority or minority groups? Ironically, minorities have been exploited during the elections, used just as vote generating machines.

So why the politicians want to go for minority appeasement and not majority appeasement, if they want to win, even though an election is all about securing majority of votes?

The answer is, Muslims vote in a block, which Hindus never do, of which politicians are completely aware. So, if you impress the Muslim Community, you are bound to get most of their votes. However, the same dynamics do not work in the same manner within the Hindu Community. A lot of Hindus are either not aware, nor do not care about the importance of protecting their country, religion and culture.

In recent times, when Hindus have started to raise the concerns and started to think about their rights. All the political parties who play the game of minority appeasement are shell shocked, confused and flabbergasted about which community to entice for votes.

This has resulting in people, who normally abuse Hindus, today are running to temples, who use to put limitations on Durga Puja. Today are providing grants for the same festival. Parties who wanted to make India the biggest supplier of beef in the world, are talking about building cow shelters. I personally, do not believe Hindus are that naive, to fall for this electoral pro-Hindu and soft Hindutva strategy.

This paradigm shift took place, when even a faction of the full Hindu Population started raising their voice for their rights. Hinting that Hindus understand their true situation of being oppressed and might vote for people who will work for Hindu’s rights and developing entire India without, showing bigotry towards any community and, not only target, use and abuse minorities for their votes.

The problem with the Hindu Community has been the same over a long period of time, they do not acknowledge that they are being treated like second class citizen by the minority appeasement politicians and even worst, people of Hindu Community from other fraternity like media, academics and arts are involved in this vicious agenda.

Hindus, who are working on spreading anti-Hindu agenda and people who turn a blind eye towards this are digging their own graves. This will not stop or change until Hindus understand and utilize their power of vote wisely and vote in a block. Communities who vote as a united group, ensure their own rights and will not be ignored. Hindus should learn from American-Jewish Community. The day Hindus, stand united, that will be the day, when oppression of Hindus and minority appeasement politics end. Resulting, India will become a true democracy, where every one is treated equally by such politicians who play the vote bank politics and India will become a major global power using its true potential.

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The Axiom
The Axiom
Writer, Vlogger, Hotelier, Loves Cultural Anthropology.
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