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Secularism is now safe, democracy in danger- Changing humors of India’s political theater

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The forthcoming 2019 election is very special to India. The election is going to be the contest between governance and dynastic power, honesty versus corruption, merit versus nepotism, development of the nation versus the development of a dynasty and one family, Sab ka vikas versus Apna (अपना) Vikas.

In olden days, there used to be a Vidushak in most palaces. The job of the Vidushak is to entertain the kingdom and the vidushak is allowed to make fun of king but the only mandatory norm for the Vidushak is that he must always dress like a buffoon or fool. Under the garb of a buffoon, the Vidushak is allowed to utter anything about the king.

In Indian politics there are several Vidushak and are competitively entertaining the electorates from the political theatre during the election season. In palace, the vidushak cannot overtake the king and hence vidushak shall always remain as what they are. But in democracy sometime people may elect the Vidushak as king. Imagine the consequences to our nation if we elect a Vidushak as king?

Like a ghost in the society of Gods, the Vidushak in the political theatre are bound to sacrilege the political culture, merit, integrity and the office of Prime Minister of India. Today the Vidushak is engaged in abusing the most respected, visionary leader of India- PM Narendra Modi and his missions such as Swaach Bharat, Skill India, demonetization, New India, Sab ka vikas, Ache din etc.

The Vidushak can afford to do so because for the Vidushak, the position of prime minister-ship is an opportunity to enrich own bank account and but for Narendra Modi, the position of prime minister is meant to serve India, develop the country and achieve Sab ka vikas.

The question before our nation is that are we going to elect the Vidushak as our next prime minister? Are we going to make India a theatre of clowns and comedians? Are we going to cause instability and anarchy by the dynastic, power thirsty, self-appointed saviours of secularism and democracy?

All those Vidushak once cried that India’s secularism was in peril and to save secularism, they must be elected. Now secularism is safe according to all those Vidushak but democracy is in danger?  No Indian is going to listen to all those negative forces.

To bring reform, the status quo must be questioned and not maintained or preserved like museum or archaeological artifact. PM Modi has questioned every department about their commitment, performance and result. In the name of autonomy institutions should not be allowed to escape from accountability to our nation is the political philosophy of Modi. Naturally those so called lutyens in administration finds it hard to meet the reality therefore are making noise by stating that they experience undue interference.

To save democracy and develop the nation, status quo must be questioned, nationalism must be kindled, the cultural identity of India- Hindutwa must be re-invented, accountability must be demanded and the results must be made visible and obvious. Prime Minister Modi is doing the right intervention that our nation needed the most.

The new theory of ‘democracy is in danger’ is the new ploy created by all those Vidushak in political theatre of India along with some lutyens in the government department who wants to hibernate and aestivate during their entire service period under the blanket of autonomy which the current Prime Minister is questioning.

Questioning the performance of various institutions by the elected government should not be seen as undue interference. Today such right and legitimate duty of the PM is described as threat to democracy by those fringe political parties.

If this dangerous ploy of all those Vidushak in Indian politics are not isolated and destroyed in the beginning, such poisonous ivy might kill our nation by establishing the rule of non-performance and nepotism. Democracy and secularism are safe and Modiji alone can ensure safety of democracy in India and not the party that had declared emergency and suppressed the freedom and voice of India.

Democracy gives people to elect the government of their choice to develop the state. Narendra Modi is the only Prime Minister of India in the recent times has focused on development and sab ka vikas. Modiji alone has fulfilled the desire of people that he is the Prime Minister of people and not of a family. 

All those Vidushak have realized that secularism ploy has no takers so they have discovered new theology called democracy is in danger. It is not democracy or secularism is in danger but the real danger of our nation is all those Vidushak who wants to grab power to loot and not to develop the nation and achieve Sab ka vikas.

In the novel of Mark Twain, a pauper has become prince but nowhere in the history has a Vidushak (clown) been made king to rule the state or kingdom. Hope people of India will remember the danger of all those Vidushak again in 2019.

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