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The Prime Minister revived and re-invoked Gandhi’s vision into action while the ‘Gandhi dynasty’ forgot the real Gandhi

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When we celebrate 125th birth day anniversary of Gandhiji and upholds the ideals of the father of our nation, we are equally duty bound to thank PM Modi for his tireless efforts to revive and re-invoke the value systems of Gandhiji for developing India and achieve Sab ka vikas.

Here are some striking similarities between the two.

Gandhiji worked for the nation and not for his family or dynasty and so is PM Modi who has dedicated his entire life for our nation. Gandhiji envisaged the vision of clean India which Narendra Modi has commissioned it in letter and spirit as soon as he assumed the office of Prime Minister of India. Gandhiji promoted the idea of Indian life style and Swadeshi concepts which the PM is actualizing through promoting Khadi and Make in India mission. Gandhi was an ardent Ram devotee so is PM Modi who endures several penances to build temple for Lord Ram at Ayothya, the birth place of Ram.

Gandhiji envisaged Ram Rajya which PM Modi is actualizing through his corruption free governance and spreading the message of sacredness and peace.

When Gandhi was discriminated and treated badly by the white skinned men in South Africa, he endured the ill-treatment and never cursed or hated them so is Modi who is been constantly abused by white skinned fully or half foreigner turned Indians, Modi just smiles at them with grace.

Gandhi did observe fasting on several auspicious days to ensure mind-body balance is achieved and so does Modi who observes strict fasting on several auspicious days and promote the same philosophy for the universal betterment in the name of YOGA.

Gandhiji wished to wipe every tear from every eye which PM Modi has really achieved by providing cooking gas connection to poor people, sanitation facility, drinking water facility, employment creation, medical insurance, bank account for direct transfer of the benefit etc.

When India celebrates Gandhi Jayanthi, the soul of Gandhiji will certainly be proud of one man in India called Narendra Modi for implementing most of the Gandhian thoughts and philosophies for building New India.

Gandhiji believed in power to serve the poor and that is why he said to the world that customer is the king. Modi has proved what Gandhiji has said. Modiji used his office for the development of India and achieve sab ka vikas and not for developing his family, establish his dynasty or to loot public money.

Gandhiji reformed India thorough the philosophy of tolerance and non-violence. Narendra Modi reformed India through good governance.

On the contrary those who carry ‘Gandhi’ to their surname appear to have forgotten Gandhi until Modi re-invoke Gandhian philosophy. Those Gandhis were so busy to establish the coterie to protect their dynasty, to install the dynast as the president of the party, conquer India in the name of their grandfather etc.

In true sense those Gandhis were also thinking nothing but about Gandhis only but the only difference was not about the real Gandhi, the father of our nation. Further these Gandhis smartly made their coterie to think and praise only them- the Gandhi dynasty and suitably rewarded all of them as well. The only difference is it was not about the Gandhiji, the father of our nation.

Thus PM Modi has earned the title a true Gandhian through strict adherence to the principles and by practice and not through public display on Gandhi jayanthi.

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