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Narendra Modi’s dream of South Korea proves India need him in 2019 and beyond

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It was a most thrilling and exciting moment for several Indians to listen Prime Minister Narendra Modi about how he had expressed his vision of Gujarat when he became Chief Minister of the state and had no prior governance experience. Millions of Indians have already recognized the truth that he is an uncommon and unparalleled leader, must for India in 2019 and beyond.

Indians hope that after knowing the vision of PM Modi, the dynast would change his style and would support him to accomplish the mission of India’s development and sab ka vikas.

Unlike the most political leaders who would say that they want to develop their state in line with UK or US or other European countries, Narendra Modi had dreamt of developing Gujarat in line with South Korea.

South Korea is less known to many purely due to the cultural and political identity that the country never wants to dilute by opening its door to immigrants.

Besides the industrial and scientific growth of South Korea, the standard of education of South Korea is exemplary.  The fund allocated for R&D in South Korea is quite substantial and may even exceed the total budget of many countries. The population is also quite less in South Korea. The education fever, the research support extended by the largest companies of South Korea such as Samsung and LG, the thirst shown by South Korea to develop in science and technology frontiers along with the commitment of people has taken South Korea to the top position in GDP. South Korea was fragmented and dilapidated due to Korean War in the recent past.

Narendra Modi has envisioned to develop Gujarat like South Korea was not a mere desire or ambition but it was a plan, an agenda achievable and not a dream just to promote. He indeed achieved the same and that is how the global communities refer Gujarat Model of Development to define and compare the development index of any country.

People of India must see the difference between Narendra Modi and the rest of the politicians in India. Even before he became Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had a dream, a plan, a mission and a direction.  He also had a best reference or model. That is why he is considered as a born leader for India.

It is not the one who born in the family of dynastic leaders becomes leader but one has to be born with true leadership qualities and character. Imagine when the vision and plan of Narendra Modi for Gujarat itself was so big; what would have been his plan for India.

Achieving his dream in Gujarat was quite easy due to the fact that Gujarat is a state but India is not. Developing India requires more struggles, mind conversions, unconditional and sustained support of people of this country. In five years, Modi government has done the best but to complete the mission of development of India and sab ka vikas, continuation of his government in 2019 and beyond is necessary.

Need of the hour is patience and sustained ambition and not distraction or attraction towards divisive forces or dynastic culture.

PM Modi is integrating people into nation building mission and on the other hand, the dynasts are sucking-in the people towards its dirty culture like how a vacuum pump through its negative pressure sucks-in everything and then mix them with the existing dirt and dust inside.

Narendra Modi has put India on right pedestal of growth and ensured transformation of life of several crores of people in India who were ignored and neglected by the dynasty culture in Indian politics.

Sab ka vikas is near possibility if PM Modi is given one more term. Therefore people of India must think of India and hence this same govt in 2019 and beyond. All divisive and dynastic forces wants to cause instability by forming coalition government to experiment own political fortune and all such forces should not be allowed to ruin India.

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