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Much needed 5S in CBI- PM Modi has shown the will and way

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Timely and the right intervention of Modi government to regain the credibility and reputation of CBI which had been tormented by the No.1 and No.2 officials of CBI has won the appreciation and support of people of India. Both the director and special director (No.1 and No.2) of CBI has brought their fight to the street alleging each other of collecting bribe to exonerate some high profile convicts.

The street fight between the two senior officials in CBI doesn’t appear like mere personal rivalry or is all about bribe alleged to have been received by either of them. It looks like CBI is a divided house with clear agenda and affiliation aimed to weaken, nullify and defeat the fight of India against corruption initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi has waged a war against corruption and poverty and wants to ensure that all corrupts in politics and government establishments are punished severely like the imprisonment of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

But it looks like some officials inside the CBI wants to derail the investigations against those in opposition parties especially in the congress party. More than the political parties, a separate lobby may be at the behest of those corrupt mafias are working overtime to derail the mission of PM Modi to remove corruption from India.

When the two most senior officials in CBI have started to fight in public accusing each other of corruption charges, the responsible government has to intervene and must do the needful to regain the confidence, credibility and reputation of CBI and other institutions. Therefore the government has to force the warring CBI officers to go on leave and has instituted an inquiry through CVC. This is a very right and correct step. The irresponsible opposition parties and many petty politicians are accusing the government for intervening in the affairs of CBI. The rants of opposition parties are not about the government intervention or forced leave of the warring officials, but are worried about the investigation which appears to have been delayed and weakened by them possibly with the help of some officials in CBI. The corrupt Netas are worried about the fair trial that might put an end to their carrier in politics.

When Modiji prepares for 5S in CBI, the lobbies have more reasons to worry than celebrate.  So the worried lobbies and political class are making noise and accusation. The opposition parties even have traveled to an extent to say that to derail the Rafale investigation only Modi has intervened in CBI. It looks like CBI has divided as two groups and one group is working for India like Modi and the other one appears to be working for the opposition parties to weaken the cases against them.

Politicians playing politics is well known. For the politicians their political gain alone matters and not the country or its people.  They want power, money and opportunity to loot the country. The saddest point is that how the officials of IPS and IAS rank can fall victim to the lobbies and can work against the interest of the nation?

Is it the salary paid by the politicians is much higher than the salary given to them by the government and hence they work for those politicians is the doubt people of India raise.

Indians must recognise the absolute truth that PM Modi is true and honest. He will not compromise any act against Bharat Mata and nor would he tolerates corruption. The recent fight between both the director and special director of CBI also raise doubt over the investigation of 2G as at the end the entire case had fallen like house of cards. It means hype and sensation alone appear in public space and the end the accused would be somehow exonerated by citing lack of conclusive evidence.

Who should collect conclusive evidences, the CBI? Imagine if some of the officials of CBI going to work for the accused, how they would investigate all such cases impartially and even if CBI investigates, it appears they will ensure no credible case is made so that the accused shall find an easy way to escape thanks to the same investigating agencies and this how people perceive.

By temptation also people should not support either the dynast or other fringe political parties as such an effort would be like we are destroying our own country.

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