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Is fight within CBI counter product of Prime Minister’s uncompromising character towards corruption?

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The allegation and counter allegation between the top two bosses in CBI although has reduced the reputation and dignity of the institution but it indeed also tells the story of how rotten is our system that can easily accommodate corruption and can exonerate the culprit.

As usual and as expected, the dynast and some opposition parties are accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the above holocaust in the highest investigating agency- CBI. Today many top institutions are fighting within and have started to dry their linen in open. We must understand why most of the institutions are so restless in the recent times whereas they remained as either caged parrot or obedient subordinates during UPA?

People of India must see the truth the way it is present than the canard story propagated by the dynast and other opposition parties.

Since independence members of only one family had ruled India for a long while. The dynasty has destroyed India just for the family to sustain in power. Therefore the status quo was unaltered, not questioned or un-changed.  Everybody in power circuit during the rotten governance in the past believed to have had remained good to each other and sadly none were either individually or collectively good to our country or to the problems faced by millions of poor and marginal people.

An open understanding between different corrupt forces, adjustments, and ‘give and take’ model of governance was practiced during the period of family rule. But as soon as Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India, he started to reform the country, scavenged the opportunity for scams and corruption in high places, question the status quo, asked for performance, innovation, commitment, result, future plans and road map for transforming the country. When PM Modi started to question, many top bureaucracy those who have every reason to worry started to rattle and paranoiac.    As a result they have started to fight with each other and exposing the other.

The above unrest is quite expected, natural and understandable. Every reformist leader in the society and the world has faced such revolt and agitation. The evil forces naturally would try to take advantage of all such situations to retain the same old culture and order so that corrupt practices and nepotism shall prevail and all the maestros of corruption and scams can happily rule India and can corrode and destroy the economy. Since the possibility for give and take benefit was available in the past, no one in any high office have had to revolt or fight with each other in the past or dry their under garment open.

Indians must understand the fight that we witness today in several premier institutions in India are nothing but clear signs and symptoms of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reform initiatives.

The disruptive initiatives are necessary sometime to reform the country. Indians should feel proud and dignified over all such symptoms because PM Modi is doing the right surgery for India.

PM Modi is the only political leader who has understood that maladministration, lackadaisical attitude in bureaucracy, corruption, nepotism between the corrupt politicians and some top bureaucracy is affecting the development of our country and achieve sab ka vikas.

Prime Minister is identifying, sorting and tagging all such negative and evil forces. When Modi mandated free and impartial investigation by all top investigating agencies, most of the corrupt Netas have started to feel that they have to remain in jail until death.  Most of the political parties therefore have more reasons to worry and therefore they abuse him.

Indians must recognize the fact that the Prime Minister has reformed, transformed and also had laid the foundation stone of New India. He also has done substantial work to achieve sab ka vikas, no doubt, much more to be done.

What we see today in our top bureaucracy and other institutions is quite natural, expected and much needed and are obviously due to their status quo being questioned by PM Modi.

India can remain stable, prosperous, developed and can achieve sab ka vikas only if BJP comes back to power with massive mandate in 2019 and not the dynast or other fringe players who wants to experiment with the destiny of India for own power thirst and self- gratification.

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