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Sabarimalai and other rulings: striking a political balance at the cost of Hindus sentiments?

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit

The Supreme Court of India’s five recent rulings (Aadhar, Adultery, Ayodhya, Gay Sex, and Sabarimala ) has political connotations. However, it is amusing to note that 4 out of these 5 rulings, would satisfy the leftists and liberal media. The one that has apparently gone against them, may have electoral repercussions. No qualms from either side. And there was ruling on ‘urban naxals’ arrest too, so one can say that the ‘balance’ is 4-2.

The Supreme Court ruling on Sabarimala issue has been much discussed. But here it is crucial to recollect what the same court said about ‘Mosques”. The SC observed that ‘what is not part of Koran or Islam, cannot be legitimised through a court ruling’. So, now we Hindus wonder, why the same thought cannot be applied reasonably in Sabarimala case too? So far as Hindus faith is concerned if the same ‘Mosque’ parallel is applied then ‘what belief is part of Hindu scriptures, cannot be undone by a court ruling’.

The first couple of opening paragraphs from judgement on adultery issue would certainly confuse all of us. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has nicely expressed the subtlety of the issue of the woman’s liberty’, particularly sexual freedom’

The Supreme Court on Sec.497

“Any system treating a woman with indignity, inequity and inequality or discrimination invites the wrath of the Constitution”

Any provision that might have, a few decades back, got the stamp of serene approval may have to meet its epitaph with the efflux of time and growing constitutional precepts and progressive perception

But it appears the Hon’ble Supreme Court has gone overboard and exaggerated the ‘freedom of woman’s issue is concerned. It implies that every married woman should and must have unfettered freedom to her sexual promiscuity? While only a fraction, a minuscule fraction of married women indulge in adultery, but the SC observation implies as if it is a clarion call for all the married woman in general to liberate themselves from the bond of marriage?

The Adultery is in Clash with Divorce Law’s of India

The Supreme Court unmindfully ignored another aspect of legal consequences. The act of ‘adultery’ is one of the main grounds for Divorce.  The divorce laws are not common for an Indian woman in general but differ for a Hindu Woman, a Muslim woman and a Christian woman.

The institution of ‘Marriage’ would be destroyed

If this Judgment is implemented then the mute question would be, ‘what is the tenacity of ‘marriage’ in the first place. What is the ultimate objective of a ‘marriage’, if a wife can legally indulge in adultery, and a Hubby can go on cheating his wife uninterrupted by ‘law’? The whole meaning of sacred Vedic marriage would be redundant. The whole concept of ‘Saptapadhi’ goes for a toss.

Judicial activism

What is Judicial activism? When Sec. 377 was being interpreted and critically looked into by the Supreme Court Bench headed by CJ Deepak Mishra, the media did not cry foul dubbing it as ‘interference’ and “unreasonable Judicial activism”, in their usual senses but gleefully accepted and celebrated the verdict, overlooking the well built up boundaries, that ‘the Judges are not to trespass into the lawns of the Parliament’?

But for some obvious reason, the media and the so-called Left lenient Intelligencia have deliberately ignored this aspect probably for the reason that since things have started falling exactly in the places marked by “them”This is just the ‘media’s mind game’ and that is yielding results too. Even when their ideology is sitting in opposition benches, they still can win.

Today the Supreme Court has become a ‘legislature’ ‘suo motu’. The next question would be who is powerful today? CJ Dipak Misra or PM Modi? The Supreme Court’s judicial activism would “go in a long way” and may establish a very undemocratic precedent in our Democracy.

LGBT is one burning issue where the Right and the Left came together and had a unanimous consensus. They then jointly named it as ‘Love’. The other ‘dissent’ voice was never even heard. Some say it was heard but was not audible enough. Quite tricky! We all accept the fact unanimously that ‘criminalising’ it is a bit too much, but under this disguise legitimising the very same sex relationship itself, is audacious. This is almost like a one-sided match, with Umpires, referees, adjudicators, sponsors, organizers all joining the winning team.

Due to this outrageous dominance of the followers, the right-wing intelligentsia was also stepping along with the Leftists, Liberals, the anti-Hindu Abrahamic lewd crowd in the MSM as well on Social Media racing in competition, supporting the ‘Gay rights’, ignoring the very popular morality, which would fall under the category of ‘majoritarianism’ in breach of the spirit of our Constitution.

How did a fistful of Journos succeed in impacting the minds of our “learned elite” and for what ‘purpose’? And please note, as I repeatedly mention, that the Judges at the outset make some significant remarks countering the arguments of the Lawyers. So this time again, Hon’ble Justice CJI Dipak Mishra’s comment saying that  “Majoritarian views and popular morality cannot dictate constitutional right’.

The ‘lobby groups” in our society and media world are always alert and working relentlessly through PILs to achieve their goals. The PILs have almost turned our Judiciary into a Legislator. Some common and ordinary but churned out phrases like gender equality, Intolerance, bigotry, love, freedom, privacy etc have become tools in their hands to shoot in the court halls, to abuse the very system, and converting into their pets. (Thanks to the CJI next Justice Ranjan Gogoi, reminded Prashant Bhushan, that PILs are meant for the poor, implying that it’s not meant for foreign-funded pressure and lobby groups, who are misusing our liberal judiciary to their advantage)

This is called ‘mind game’, a very powerful Psychological bullying tool. Right from young Gurmehar Kaur to elder Kamal Haasan and many others are aware of this pleasant truth, that if they speak a kind of dissent in a kind of language, they will get maximum publicity, coverage, stipend, scholarships, promotions and perks. On the other hand, if any young college student like Gurmehar Kaur had spoken in a language of RSS, she would have been ignored or would have been trolled badly and stamped as a communal by the Left groups.

The media’s shakedown is working and yielding fruits too. The media can tactfully intimidate any system to turn its upshot smiling towards them.

Hon’ble Chief Justice Deepak Mishra has a strong mind but a big heart. This is how our liberal souls described the CJ n appreciation after the verdict. My view is contrary to this ‘purportedly coloured view’. Why can’t he be the opposite? After all, Judges are humans too.

This hypothesis was accepted and compromised with, and as a result, the inevitable is happening in India right now. The Maoists, Urban Naxals, Christian Missionaries, Islamist outfits, Biblical bigots, Left-liberals, liberal mainstream media, are all increasingly running restless and joining hands forming a powerful ‘lobby group’ with a common agenda in mind, that is ‘defeat Modi’.

Then there must be a common animosity among them, for choosing their “common enemy” that is “Modi”. That animosity is a pure religious bigotry. That is the “hatred for Hindus and Hinduism’. Modi is not only standing with Hindus and Hinduism but also along with other non-Hindus equally. But he is also clipping the unlawful activities of the so-called ‘minority groups’. As a result the conversion business is down, the media is now secular enough to question the raping Christian Fathers, indulging Nuns, protecting Churches, questioning the criminal confessions in Churches, ending the ‘triple talaq’, almost ending the Islamic Terrorism, communal clashes, sectarian clashes among Muslims and many many so they are all ‘worried” about their ‘future.’

But the irony part of it is the lobby group is succeeding in their dreams under the very nose of this dubious “Right Wing” government. This Government is hearing this ‘invisible transition’ that is taking place by their ears but eyes closed and hands tied due to election fears. What the BJP was accusing the Congress of ‘minority’ quenching and succumbing to ‘Left lenient media’s mind games when UPA was ruling, the same protocol is being followed by the BJP in power now, facilitating the Congress to question the BJP in the same fashion.

After the resolute ruling on Yakub Memon hanging, Justice Dipak Mishra had received even death threats. Yet, he stood for the Justice and Indian Constitution. However, this is not all the reality. Repudiation is the cause of most miseries. Later CJ Dipak Mishra had encountered a shocking uprise within the Supreme Court.

On 12th January 2018, Justice Chelameswar (Rtd) had stained the face of the Bharat Mata like an Ink attack and shocked the nation into disbelief. Though initially, it appeared as if CJ Dipak Misra withstood this sudden barrage, it had its own sway. The nation then witnessed a leftist leader, a violent trade union mark, entering the residence of the Justice Chelameswar and having a chat with the Judge. Everything slowly started turning thereafter.

Those who please all, please none“?

Chief Justice Dipak Mishra with his latest verdict on the issue of ‘Woman’s entry into Sabarimala’, allowing women’s entry into the temple, has knocked down all the bullying liberal media, leftists, RSS, BJP, Shah and Modi with 4-1 ruling and seems to tell all that out of 5 major cases, one for Right Wing, rest is for Leftists, striking an imperfect balance. Yet the BJP RSS has to go in silence mode. This is inevitable in this election year.

After retirement, the Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra will be hailed by our Leftist Media as the upholder of women’s rights, equality and slayer of Religious bigotry. There will be seminars all over India organised by the Leftists, Maoists, Islamic Terrorists, Christian Missionaries and name, fame and fortunes that follows. The break India always breaks India. No one can stop them. Not even BJP, RSS, Shah, or Modi.

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit
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