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The Chhawla gang rape case- Is the Supreme Court really a people’s court?

The top court has a big bag of sin on its chest, even as it claims to have done justice.

अवमानना की हद

किस-किस के खिलाफ अवमानना का मुकदमा चलेगा? फैसले की आलोचना अलग बात होती है और अपनी बात रखना अलग। सवाल है कि क्या अपनी बात रखना भी अवमानना हैं?

Plight of a petitioner in Indian justice system

As India completed it's 75 years of independence this year, all organs must work to fulfill the dream-ideas of the Constitution makers about a modern India.

Why the supreme court must not strike down sedition law in India

Public discourse is being weaponized for political gains by activists, journalists, artists, farmers, trade unionists etc, in India, that takes the shape of hate speech.

India has charted new territories with the Ayodhya verdict: What the future holds now for other temple causes?

It won't be too optimist to say that the majority don’t have to be the apologists anymore, even after being the victims for centuries.

D Diwali of Indiana Zones

Diwali is not a festival for Indianas. It is an emotion. An emotion which binds one of the most complex zones of this world.

Rafale – Case of purloined pages

Government has repeatedly clarified that the documents are outside the ambit of RTI Act, thus out of the public domain.

Dear Supreme Court of India, we the citizens expect just a little from you

The supreme court needs to understand that their job is not to govern people, their job is to ensure that the people of the country govern themselves in the best possible way

Not landmark judgments need landmark changes

We managed to manufacture lame issue, keeping aside the core issues of economic inequality, agriculture sector distress, inadequate healthcare facilities and the lack of quality education and skill development of our youth.

Ayodhya, Sabarimala and Hindus

While working on Sabarimala and Ayodhya issue, SC must remember that Justice being served must be equitable not blind to sensitivities of the Society.

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