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Saba Naqvi’s lie got exposed when she tried to spread hatred after PM Modi’s recent visit to Saifee Mosque

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I am Nobody! On a Journey, in pursuit of knowing:Who I am?? &Creating an identity of my own; Proud2bFollowed by Shri @narendramodi ji; Views r always personal!

There is a limit to everything but there is no limit to the attempts to insult the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi every single day. Yet another attempt by the so called Lutyens Media and rebuttal to the attempts made to spread fake narrative by Saba Naqvi that the women are not welcome to the gathering attended by the PM at the Saifee Mosque in Indore for Ashara Mubaraka, to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain (SA).

What started with the Prime Minister’s tweet on the affection he received at the Saifee Mosque in Indore : “I will never forget the affection I received at the Saifee Mosque in Indore.”

And subsequent tweets with the reactions of the gathering of men, women and kids of the Dawoodi Bohra community turned into some sort of finger pointing by the so called Opinion maker Saba Naqvi:

“Respectfully Sir, i do not see a single woman there and wonder what this all male gathering can do for the uplift of women.”

I quickly pointed out to her :

“There is a limit to the hatred. Look in the image properly, who are sitting in the balcony above!”

The images were clearly showing that the Women were indeed present at the gathering and they were seated on the first floor on the balcony waving at the Prime Minister, visibly happy at his attendance.

Instead of deleting her tweet as pointed by other twitter users or apologising, she quickly shifted her goal post with her next tweet saying she had problems in all spaces where women are segregated:

“thanks to those who inform me women on a balcony….

personally, I have problems in all spaces where women are segregated.
always have since childhood….read about it in first chapter of my first book InGoodFaith.”

She was clearly caught lying and had no decency in apologising or to have deleted her tweet. This specifically proves beyond doubt of her hatred for the Prime Minister. She was proved wrong and there were more replies to her pointing out her blunder than the number of retweets she got for her tweet.

I also pointed out to her that those attending were segregated at the place of gathering (A Mosque) and not by the PM and she should stick to her original objection:

“Seggregated @ Place of gathering and not by the PM. Now, Please don’t change the original subject of blaming the PM.”

Till the time of writing this article, there was no response from Saba Naqvi, clearly rattled by the responses on her failed fake narrative. Clearly there is attempt to insult the PM at every opportunity by the MSM and the so called Lutyens Media & Libtards. The Alert Right Wing on Twitter yet again ensured that the fake narrative gets an appropriate rebuttal with Proof. Well Done SM.

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I am Nobody! On a Journey, in pursuit of knowing:Who I am?? &Creating an identity of my own; Proud2bFollowed by Shri @narendramodi ji; Views r always personal!

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