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PM Modi should bring premedical and paramedical health reform as well

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The health reform initiated by the Prime Minister through a very meticulously articulated and scientifically engineered program has cached the attention of the world. Several countries are showering their praises for PM Modi for envisaging such a wonderful initiative.

To build India a healthy nation, the pre-medical and paramedical health reforms are equally important. PM Modi has shown great commitment to promote AYUSH. But cross pathy by several institutionally qualified AYUSH Vaidyas in private practices sabotage the relevance and significance of AYUSH.

In the ancient days, the AYUSH Vaidyas were treated as spiritual souls besides health and wellness providers (faith based health healers). Besides providing several recipes for wellness and happiness to people, the Vaidyas were the unifying force of the communities in villages and were the guiding force to the society to show right and honest path and the path Moksha and nirvana (eternity). In that sense, the Vaidyas were the living encyclopedia for the ordinary man to seek solution to most of their problems. Vaidyas were also good astrologers and spiritually enlightened people. The Vaidyas not just treating the patients with various recipes of AYUSH but were also providing several spiritual and disciplinary aspects to attain health and happiness.

Today we have lost such great roots of AYUSH. Most of the AYUSH Vaidyas are oscillating like a pendulum between cross pathy and greed to make money and selling falsehood. AYUSH was a philosophical science that had evolved encompassing all aspects of the society and community. From psychology, to moral and behavioural science to spiritual way of living… all essential aspects of a model society, we can find in AYUSH. AYUSH is not just a holistic philosophy but it is a wholesome gospel for universal health and wellness.

The pre-medical and paramedical doctrines of AYUSH are amazing but it looks like many of the present day AYUSH vaidyas in private practice have failed to learn and recognize the same.

In today’s world, most of our health problems are more than affecting us physically are also affecting our mind and overall wellbeing. We have started to treat the mind and body separately by two separate specialists operating from two separate time zones and planet. But in the ancient days, the AYUSH Vaidyas through their paramedical expertise used to address human problems in toto and that is how they were offering solutions.

We need to re-invent the true paramedical benefits of AYUSH to address the psychosomatic problems.

Unfortunately today we have over exaggerated the role of AYUSH and derailed the significance of AYUSH by attempting to package it the same way as the allopathic system.

AYUSH Vaidyas are the well trained faith healers because the faith is the basic cult of AYUSH philosophy. Many patients have reported that after consulting the AYUSH Vaidya about their health problems for over an hour or more have got great relief without any medication. This shows the power of positive energy and mind healing ability of AYUSH Vaidyas.

When patients visit the MBBS doctor they always look for solution to their medical problem whereas when the same patient when visits AYUSH Vaidya look for solace to their entire life (mind and body and both organic and spiritual self).

Patients approach MBBS doctor with respect whereas when they approach AYUSH Vaidya, they exhibit faith, divinity and freeness of mind to engage in long discussion and conversation.

Considering the growing demand for premedical and paramedical care and wellness, AYUSH must be promoted for the above purpose as AYUSH Vaidyas are well trained for the above task.

Involvement of mind into the therapy system is needed to achieve the holistic values of the treatment therefore the paramedical expertise of AYUSH Vaidyas must be boosted.

AYUSH Vaidyas in private practice must be discouraged from cross pathy as cross pathy denature the essence of AYUSH and evaporates the trust ingredient of our ancient faith healing system.

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