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On bail for corruption charges, the dynast sermons about honesty

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People of India may get shocked if someone says Rahul Gandhi is very honest. He is indeed very honest in his engagement with lie. Further people may wonder how the dynast can be described as honest who is already on bail due to serious allegations of corruption in National Herald.

Honest people are the one who: “Manas-ekam, Vachas-ekam, Karman-ekam Mahatmanaam”

Narendra Modi is true to his conscience and true to our nation. He is honest at thought, in his words and as well as in his actions. That is why the world has recognized him as the most honest and incorruptible leader.

Rahul Gandhi is also honest but the only difference is that he is very honest in his engagement with lies.

Rahul Gandhi is very true, about being honest and committed to lying. At thought level, in words and in action, Rahul Gandhi displays his honesty for lies and he is very sincere to speak lies and nothing else.

In fact, it looks like he has taken an oath to speak only lies and therefore he speaks only lies whereas PM Modi has taken oath under the constitution of India and in the name of God, to develop India and achieve Sab Ka Vikas.


PM Modi speaks truth and he is committed to speak only truth and therefore he is honest in his commitment. On the other hand the dynast too has committed to speak lie, only lies and in fact he too is honest in his commitment to spread lies and falsehood.

The allegations of the dynast over Rafale deal is quite changeling. Instead of proving the scam, the dynast is diverting the attention from the question. His question is about the cost and number of fighter planes India proposes to buy. Even the ordinary man in the street would understand that it is not the number but the efficiency is important. When India proposed to buy fighter jets which are fully loaded and ready to fight, the capability of such flights alone matters and not how many such flights we buy. Naturally the fully loaded fighter jet would cost more than simple flying machines. This basic, elementary aspect is known to people of India therefore no one is going to buy the lie of the dynast. Even the car which is fully loaded would cost significantly higher than the one not loaded with various accessories. Therefore when we buy fully loaded fighter jet compared to simple flying machine as proposed by the then UPA, the cost of fully loaded jets will be higher and naturally the numbers also would be limited.

Another question of the dynast is that why Reliance was appointed as offset partner. When Reliance fulfills the requirements, what is wrong in appointing Reliance as partner? The friendship between Anil Ambani and the owner of Dassault shall no way going to make the deal spurious.


The dynast somehow wants to manufacture a scam to malign the image of beloved PM Modi.

Another reason is that congress exists today in Indian politics only through selling lies and making hue and cry to derail the agenda of development and sab ka vikas. Even if the people of India not respond positively to the dynast, some opposition parties may use the dynast as their sound system for no cost. Dynast wants some role in Indian politics which his own party itself does not have so he is searching the same among the opposition parties.

Finally if we ask who, PM Modi or Rahul Gandhi is happier in Indian politics, obviously the answer would be the dynast. Dynast got everything without merit but PM Modi came through pure merit.

PM Modi needs to prove his merit time and again but for the dynast, the sycophants and Chamchas always consider the dynast as the wisest.

PM Modi will not be happy until he completes the agenda of development and sab ka vikas. He will not be happy until corruption is eliminated from Indian soil, and not be happy until India becomes the economic super power.

Mahatma Gandhiji has defined happiness as “happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”.

On a closer look, the dynast is a liar at thinking level, lying when he speaks and his actions also has lies and the best example being National Herald expose. The dynast has perfectly harmonized lie at all the three levels so naturally he would to be happier.

But for BJP and PM Modi several tasks are to be completed and he is working tirelessly to awaken people of India to be responsible and empowered. People of India should not fall victim to the born liar who knows nothing but lie.  India needs Modi in 2019 and beyond to develop the state and achieve sab ka vikas.

The prime minister wants to build New India whereas the dynast wants to ruin India. Let Indians participate in the big Yagna of Modi to build New India and let as achieve Sab Ka Vikas.

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