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Dynasty and destruction has always gone together in India, let us save India

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If we read the mythology of several countries, we can understand the truth about how the dynasties have destroyed own families and the country when the war was waged for power and wealth.  If we peep into the history we can easily find several fathers were being killed by own sons for power and kingdom.  The great dynasty in India with its last emperor and his hunger for Prime Minister-ship of the country and what the dynasty has done to the country we can find absolute similarity with the historical facts.

Greek mythology clearly shows that Uranus was killed by his son Cronos – the Titan.  The Cronus was later killed by his son Zeus and that is how the succession continued.  In Moghul dynasty also we can see son killing the father to become King.

The big doubt is that how the great dynasty of Nehru- Gandhi can be compared with the above?  The mythological facts should not be translated in physical sense and also should not be looked for perfect similarity.

If we want to compare the mythological facts of Uranus being killed by his son Cronos and he was then killed by his son Zeus, we must understand the meaning of the word ‘kill’ in total sense and not in mere lexical sense.

Cronos killed Uranus and Cronus was later killed by his son Zeus in Greek mythology but in India, all those dynasty kings starting from Nehru to Indira to Gandhi, have killed the development of India, killed the social order, killed caste and religious harmony and sowed the seeds of poverty, minority appeasement and politics of divisiveness to protect the dynast and family’s birth right to rule the country.

Only difference is that they killed the country and not the members of own clan.  Another big difference of the last emperor Rahul Gandhi over Nehru, Indira and Rajiv is that the last emperor is less cruel to India than to Congress.

The last emperor is quite sportive and humorous therefore whatever he speaks become a big joke and an entertainment. Further he is rightfully killing the party by making all unwarranted, unnecessary, ignorant and unverified comments and statements against Narendra Modi.

The speed at which he is destroying the congress, people of India must be scared of him and his capability to destroy the country if he is made as Prime Minister of India.

If we want to establish the statistical significance of whether Nehru or Indira or Rajiv who had destroyed India better, it would be impossible to credit anyone over the other as all of them may score same grade and rank.

It will not be an exaggeration; the sum of destruction of World War 1 and 2 may level less before the quantum of destruction the dynasty has done to our country due to malgovernance, corruption, petty and divisive politics, nepotism, minority appeasement etc.

In the last 4 years India has marched ahead and reached way ahead over several nations in development and sab ka vikas. PM Modi has achieved several herculean fetes in the last 4 years. If we compare the achievement of Modi over the long rule of the dynasty since independence, every Indian must bury their head in shame as India has been taken several centuries backward by the dynasty.

India need Karyakarta (कार्यकर्ता’), Kar Sevak (कारसेवक) and swayamsevak (स्वयंसेवक) to develop the country and not minority appeasers to ruin our country.  2019 is all about save India versus destroy India and certainly Modiji represent the former agenda.

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