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The grief of Arun Shourie & Yashwant Sinha and the story of Yayati & Puru

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The grief of Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha over the government headed by the most respected and revered leader Modiji is fully manufactured by none other than these two people. The ambition, greed and the identity crises of these people appears to have over scored their age and that is why they rant frequently in public space.

Instead to accepting their age gracefully and become Margadharshak to the party that had given them ministerial position, recognition and dignity in the past, they chose to look for Puru like how the King Yayati was. Fortunately the Yayati could find Puru in his son but for Shourie and Sinha, no one was ready to become Puru to fulfill their greed and ambition. Since they failed to get a Puru are ranting constantly against Modiji hoping that the dynasty culture or the other political parties would give them refuge. Even if they do not get refuge, some Lutyen’s media are giving them some media attention and prime time slot.

See the behaviour and attitude of these ‘recognition/job seekers’ in Indian politics at the age they are expected to embrace Vanaprastha from politics. They show greed and ambition for power and authority.

Yayati was a King who married Devayani, the daughter of Sukacharya, the Guru of Asuras. In the meanwhile the King Yayati also secretly married Sharmista who was made as the acting maid to Devayani. When Devayanai came to know of her husband’s marriage with Sharmista, she complained to her father and her father Sukacharya cursed Yayati to become old and weak. But the desire to enjoy the worldly pleasure pressed Yayati to appeal before Sukacharya and finally Sukacharya told Yayati that if someone is willing to give their youth to Yayati and receive his curse of being old and weak, he can become youthful again. The greedy Yayati could finally convince his last son Puru who gifted his youth and received the curse of Yayati and made his father to enjoy the worldly pleasure and fulfill his ambitions and greed.

Both Shourie and Sinha were not great leaders, have no stature before people. But BJP recognised them, made them ministers. When BJP announced Modiji as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party both these leaders murmured their dissent may be due to whether they would get some job in Modi government or not. But when they were made as key advisers of the party, like Yayati how he married Sharmista secretly, these leaders appears to have started to work for anti-Modi block and naturally such an act deserve the curse of Sukacharya.

Like Yayati, these leaders were greedy, power hungry and were looking for job opportunity in the Modiji’s government. It looks like they have searched out for a Puru who would make them ministers by abdicating their Ministerial position and when that did not happen they have started to rant against Modiji.

Some Lutyen’s media may give attention and importance to them but not the people of India. People of India are wise enough to differentiate the grief of these two leaders are like that of greedy Yayati who made his son to sacrifice his youth-hood for Yayati to enjoy the worldly life.

Modiji is a leader to exemplary excellence and virtues, honest, committed and passionate and is working for the development of the country and Sab Ka Vikas.

It is India that is going to lose heavily if Indians fail to support Modiji in 2019 than Modiji himself or BJP. If this country goes to all those fringe players, India will be fragmented, tormented and turned into a bedlam of caste and community division and minority appeasement.

We the Indians need one India, one election and one tax which Modiji is working hard to achieve. The divisive forces must be evicted out of Indian politics and the mission of Modiji to reform India and make India free of corruption, inequality and nepotism has to be achieved.

Every Indian should not limit their responsibility to support Modiji in 2019 but also must work in the society to create awareness about the good governance of Modiji and all those initiatives taken by him for transforming India.

People should ensure in 2019 India shall remain for Indians and not for those who want to develop their dynasty, make India pauper and a land of minority appeasement and caste divisions.

Modiji alone can take India to the destination of complete and harmonic development where everyone is equal in receiving the rewards of the Mission Modiji and are also equal contributors to the mission New India.

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