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Yashwant Sinha

Decoding ‘godi media’

Notwithstanding these facts, if Yashwant Sinha does not understand who is ‘godi media’ and who is lying thousand times despite his faith that ‘truth has a bad habit of prevailing over falsehood ultimately’, there is none in this living world to teach the IAS-turn-politician octogenarian.

Don’t denigrate Indian democracy please

Modi government works along the lines of “Development with Dharma”. In six years, Modi government has launched several schemes and worked for the welfare of people from all sections of society.

The Yashwant Sinha Column – How I lost an opportunity to become Prime Minister

How Yashwant Sinha lost an opportunity to become Prime Minister

Despite the negativity of opposition, the perfect budget makes it way into the hearts of people and emerges as a winner

Narendra Modi once said in one of his Parliament speeches that one could doubt anything about him but one shouldn’t ever doubt his political acumen. He was right.

The grief of Arun Shourie & Yashwant Sinha and the story of Yayati & Puru

The grief of Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha over the government headed by the most respected and revered leader Modiji is fully manufactured by none other than these two people.

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