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Modi: A Leader, Not A Messiah

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Like in cricket coaches don’t win matches. Players do and they always have. Likewise the development of the country is not merely done by any govt. or leader but by the citizens themselves. Coaches might tinker or straighten the player’s game, play a benevolent uncle or a stern elder brother, show a little window of opportunity, maybe even a door, but they can’t win matches on their own.

Same is with any government or leader of any country. He might bring the investors, increase the job opportunities but ultimately it is the people and the entire system which has to deliver. And so while it’s important to get a good man, we can’t look upon him as a messiah.

Any person who believes so is diverting his responsibility elsewhere.

We must focus on improving the system right from the lowest end. We must consider our own responsibility in nation building. The mission of ‘Swaccha Bharat’ which is taken up by the government is not its job, but our very own duty which we have failed to recognize. Young entrepreneurs have got the more potential of creating jobs than the PSUs.

Otherwise it’s no different from a rich parent appointing an expensive tutor and believing that both his and his child’s responsibility is over and therefore we must not equate the presence of Modi with say, an ambulance or a fire engine and he too must not boast himself of being it.

Finding a good leader is an important part of the larger plan, if there is one, but is not most important. The appointment of Modi is a bit like appointing an interior decorator to work on a flat that has a dodgy foundation. He can’t develop the country like India alone but surely he must create the system that allow the people to do well.

Choosing a good leader is merely the first step. It is the people themselves who must contribute in the nation building.

We can’t expect Modi a hero who ride in from nowhere and take India to the top. Those messiahs exist only in the movies.

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