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India will see a new PM every month if the united opposition forms govt in 2019

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The move by congress not to project PM face for the united opposition should be seen more as compulsion politics than as strategic politics or wise politics.

Marking head or heart or brain or liver for a microbe is not possible as microbe is a single celled organism and it does not have any such organs. Similarly the opposition unity is like continuously multiplying colony forming units of microbe where each bacterial cell exists for its relevance than for the colony.

The opposition parties cannot project or identify a Prime Ministerial face either before or after election because the leader of every political party in the cohort wants to become Prime Minister of India. Imagine if all the political parties agree to share the PM post on rotation, there will be 60 Prime Ministers at the rate of one per month for 5 year term would happen.  Still many more claimants with disgruntlement for not getting a chance to become Prime Minister of India is likely to occur.

Imagine every month one new Prime Minister! What would be the progress of our country? Another wit also we cannot deny. Even when someone holds the position of Prime Minister for a month, several undesignated Prime Ministers are going to be in the system like how the scene was during UPA 2.

India is likely to have more Prime Ministers than Ministers of cabinet or state rank if the opposition parties win the election in 2019. The question is should India elect the opposition parties to fulfill their personal ambition to become Prime Minister of India at least for a month or to develop the country with vision, clarity, direction, commitment like Modiji? Should India boast to the world that India is the first and may the only country to have 60 Prime Ministers for 60 months?

If we the Indians misuse our franchise are we not creating the law of Ander Nagari (अंधेर नगरी) to rein our country and take to destruction?

Wisdom of congress has made it to hold back its extra-great leader from projecting him as prospective Prime Ministerial Candidate against Modiji. If the congress has done the mistake it is not just people of India would have rejected the party, even the entire opposition parties would have isolated the congress.

From the above example, people of India should use their wisdom not to elect the opposition parties and push India to witness the race of several Prime Minister aspirants and applicants.

People of India must realize the urgent need of the hour that the country is on rapid development trajectory and Modiji has more tasks to complete. Therefore the continuation of Modiji as Prime Minister of India is extremely important and the country should not be allowed to torment by all fringe players who run hither and thither for Prime Minister post. If we allow the fringe elements to form a khichadi government, the recipe will be full of Prime Minister applicants and no one will be there to govern the country.

Indian has seen and suffered enough of the politics of the regional parties at the centre. How coalition compulsion can suffocate our development and can defame and shame our country with scams, Manmohan Singh has proved.

India should not be reduced to a laboratory for the fringe players to become Prime Minister for a month and fulfill their Prime Minister ambition. Indians must think of the country and its development. Modiji has done enormous work at the ground level and has transformed the country. Still more such transformations are required to bring total and complete transformation at individual level. It is all about development versus dynasty, disintegration of the country versus Sab Ka Vikas, greedy Prime Minister applicants versus an honest, decisive, committed, visionary Prime Minister- Modiji.

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