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Here is why these ten people are Hindu terrorists

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Report them and let the peace prevail!

“Top Deadly Hindu Terrorists of Social Media”, reads the headlines, the viral Whatsapp forward and you immediately know the answer to the “wh” questions and smile and smirk at the juvenile attempt by the frustrated political forces whose forts of ignorance and abysmal knowledge have been challenged by these “hindu twitter terrorists”. So lets go one by one and analyze these twitter handles and think from the point of view of these liberals.

  1. Mahesh Vikram Hedge @mvmeet
    First crime: How can a non verified Twitter handle can be followed by the person of 2002 fame?
    Second crime: He is the founder of PostcardNews.
    Third Crime: He has rattled the MSM cage of news like Scroll, NDTV, Wionews, Dailyo, Indianexpress, Firstpost.
  2. Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga @tajinderBagga
    First Crime: He is a Punjabi and we have taught them lessons in the year 1984, time to teach again.
    Second Crime: He is a common twitter troll who was given the opportunity by the BJP to be a spokesperson, this doesn’t happen in political parties like ours. We only give opportunities to lawyers who represent us or “bootlickers” who can defend us in press meets.
    Third Crime: He sends trolling parcels via Amazon, we only send parcel under the table or to business-persons (trying to sound feminist here) who are willing to defraud banks and run away when asked to repay.
  3. Shefali Vaidya @shefvaidya
    First Crime: She is a connoisseur of Handloom Sarees of India can drape 9 yards of cloth better than our mademoiselle.
    Second Crime: What if her family has given a contribution to the liberalization of Goa, she cannot challenge the missionaries and western temples of Goa who are the primary fund raisers for us. Preposterous!
    Third Crime: She is a homemaker and followed by Modi, blasphemy double curse.
  4. Sonam Mahajan @asYouNotWish
    First Crime: She is from Dogra, Jammu. How can the neglected become the wanted?
    Second Crime: She is followed by Tarek Fatah who was the mainly responsible in renaming the greatest ruler of India, Perpeturers of peace, his holiness, Aurangzeb.
    Third Crime: How can a common Hindu activist be called to media channels to propagate the Saffron terrorism? We only ask people from our closet to come out and propagate the ways to divide India.
  5. Anshul Saxena @AskAnshul
    First Crime: He spreads news about crimes of the other community which should not be done on national interest.
    Second Crime: He spreads news about crimes of the other community which should not be done on national interest.
    Third Crime: He spreads news about crimes of the other community which should not be done on national interest.
  6. Dr Gaurav Pradhan @DrGPradhan
    First Crime: He is an NRI and does not tolerate India insulted. How can a progressive NRI cannot blame and insult the very country he was born?
    Second Crime: He bluffs a lot (his bluffs are true sometimes which causes trouble for us).
    Third Crime: How can he send a legal notice to the Michelangelo of Media, the greatest (news) spinner of India, the boxer of Madison square and one who is proud to be anti-national?
  7. Major Surendra Poonia @MajorPoonia
    First Crime: He supports the presence of military in Kashmir and asks to be dealt with iron hand to the stone pelters.
    Second Crime: How can’t he support the views and militancy of our beloved neighbor and greatest liberal country of the world?
    Third Crime: He supports the saffron criminal Lt Col Prasad Purohit who would have busted the links of CON-politicians and Pak-terrorism.
  8. Prashant Patel Umrao @ippatel
    First Crime: He is a lawyer who scared the shit out of 22 AAP MLAs.
    Second Crime: He is a lawyer who scared the shit out of 22 AAP MLAs.
    Third Crime: He is a lawyer who scared the shit out of 22 AAP MLAs.
  9. Nupur Sharma @UnSubtleDesi
    First Crime: She is a housewife and how can be so popular
    Second Crime: She runs now one of the most emerging and biased free portal Opindia which is busting the “true lies” of the main stream Lutyens’ media and alike.
    Third Crime: Can there be anything bigger crime than above?
  10. MadhuPurnima Kishwar @madhukishwar
    First Crime: She is a coherent Modi supporter
    Second Crime: Her series of articles titled Modinama was highly critical of the media for as she busted the propaganda about Narendra Modi’s role during the Gujarat 2002
    Third Crime: She was a feminist who turned right wing

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