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Has demonetization ended corruption?

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The fringe political parties in India that have only job of opposing and criticizing Modiji are asking whether demonetization has ended corruption in India. The question is very funny and it completely lacks maturity and sense of any responsibility.

Demonetization was a great and bold initiative taken by Modiji and it has shaken the tap root of many corrupts and tax evaders in India. Indian economy has significantly improved and the number of tax payer base also has increased thanks to demonetization. The disruptive initiative of Modiji was needed to raise India to the next level. Demonetization is definitely one of the methods to curb corruption but not the ultimate solution.

Answer to the question of has demonetization ended corruption must be sought from Indian mythology. Different incarnations of Lord Vishnu were meant only to destroy different demons and evil forces. All those evil forces like Ravana, Kamsa, Jarasandha etc., in those days can be compared with the present day corrupt forces and syndicates of scams and loot.

Lord Vishnu took the Avatar of Rama and Krishna and destroyed all those forces. Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Ram in Treta Yuga and destroyed Ravana. But Ravana in different forms and names– Kamsa again appeared in Dwapara Yuga. Hence Lord Vishnu again came in the avatar as Krishna to destroy the evil force Kamsa. So destruction of one evil force is not going to permanently put an end to the emergence of another evil force in future. Evil forces would emerge continuously and therefore continuous efforts are required to minimize the impact of all such evil forces in our society.

The spiritual secret of avatar of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna tells nothing but our efforts must continue and whatever the result we obtain through our action will not be a permanent result and to make the result permanent, continuous action is necessary.

Therefore the question if demonetization ended corruption in India lacks not only maturity but also sense of responsibility.

To make our country free of corruption, every Indian must unite for the cause and work continuously.

Like Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, Modiji, the avatar Purush of Kali Yuga has implemented demonetization.  Whenever one demon is destroyed, many other smaller demons would try to grow and occupy the space of the demon that has been destroyed. So initially we may experience the action of more demons and the same is what India is witnessing today.

Instead of all those fringe political parties that are engaged in asking the question of has corruption and black money ended in India after demonetization must ask to own consciousness about how they are working overnight to defeat the agenda of development of India by joining hands with many other corrupt forces. All these corrupt forces never want corruption to end because their political survival is exclusively based on corruption, dynasty politics, politics of minority appeasement and dividing India through instigating different castes.

Unlike those divisive opposition forces, the birth of Modiji has a purpose and mission like that of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

The birth of Modiji is not meant to implement demonetization like destroying Kamsa and Ravana were not the only purpose of Krisha and Rama.  Ram and Krisha came with the message of love, honesty, equality, the unconditional Karma with complete sense of duty and responsibility. The birth of Modiji is to develop India and ensure Sab Ka Vikas.

The entire Treta Yuga and Kali Yuga which lasts for 1296000 and 864000 years respectively had witnessed only one Ravana and one Kamsa. It is believed that the avatar of Lord Vishnu– Ram and Krisha were on their mission during the entire period and hence they checked the emergence of any other demon equal to Ravana or Kamsa. Therefore millions of Indians must ensure the continuance of Modiji as Prime Minister of India in 2019 and beyond and that is necessary to contain the corrupt and divisive forces from ruining our country.

Like how Lord Ram and Krisha continued their mission entire Treta and Dwapara Yuga, the mission of Modiji must continue for at least three more terms only then India shall develop and every Indian shall attain complete and harmonic growth with high level of fulfillment.

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