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Home Satire Give peace a chance (with apologies to Lennon)

Give peace a chance (with apologies to Lennon)

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Indian, first, always.

Everybody’s bluffing about Intolerance, Church attacks, Lynchings, Beef ban,

Presstitutes, Burkha Dutt, Sagarika, Rajdeep, Rana Ayub, Amir Khan, CNN,

All we are saying, give Secularism a chance.


Everybody’s raving about Rohingyas, Bangladeshis, Khalistanis, Maoists,

Commies, Lefties, Kanhaiya, Owasi, Khalid, Arundhati,

All we are saying, is give India a chance.


Everybody’s fibbing about Mahagathbandan, anti-Modi front, Third Front,

Mayawati, Mamata, Laloo, Kejriwal, Gandhi, Omar, Naidu,

All we are saying, is give Development a chance.


All we are saying, is give Modi a chance.

All we are saying, is give Peace a chance.


For those wondering, it’s a satirical song. The original song is here:

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Indian, first, always.

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