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For Modiji India comes first not politics: Learn from NRC

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The release of the draft report of NRC (National Registry of Citizens) of Assam by the Government of Assam needs to be appreciated by all because all unlawful immigrants must be differentiated from Indian citizens to ensure national security. Modiji has shown the way that India is for Indians and not for those fringe political parties to play vote bank politics and politics of appeasement.

Some political parties are cleaver in creating pool of immigrants for vote bank politics. But considering the importance of national security, NRC must be done for all those states that are easily infiltrated by unlawful immigrants.

Some opposition parties are playing the skirmish by misinterpreting the intent and spirit of NRC and it is a move against certain community. Indian Muslims are different from unlawful infiltrators from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan and the NRC initiative is all about dealing the unlawful infiltrators. But the opposition parties are misguiding the society and people of certain community and creating fear psychosis to divide India.

The government headed by Modiji is not only brave but also is committed to complete the process of NRC in Assam. The NRC was duly monitored by Honourable Supreme Court of India. Several political parties have been playing politics over immigrants for vote and the recent draft report of NRC would hamper their poll prospects in future. Naturally such political parties have more reason to worry, cry and shout in parliament and take India for a ride.

In the state of West Bengal also such exercise must be done to ensure the interest of citizens of India is protected and internal security is ensured.

Already the Government of Assam and Government of India under Modiji have assured the people of Assam that the rights of all the lawful citizens of Assam will be protected and if their names are not there in the first draft list. All such details will be looked into and after verification of all documents the necessary corrective action will be taken.  Until such process is competed not deportation or legal action would be initiated against anyone. But the opposition parties want to engage in scare monger so that they can create unnecessary unrest in the country.

The opposition parties have tried their best to hijack the parliament session through a non-confidence motion with the presumption that the Government may delay the confidence motion. But the opposition parties were hurt and disappointed for the fact that their mission did not succeed. Even in 2019 also their mission will not meet success.  When the opposition parties got thoroughly exposed in parliament they were looking for different ways and means to stall the parliament and now they are using NRC to create havoc and unrest in the country.

People of India are wise and can understand why TMC is jittery and making war cry. Modiji has simply followed only the Assam accord signed by the then Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi of congress way back in 1985. Congress has never done anything on its promise it had made to people of Assam during its long 15 or more years of rule possibly due to vote bank politics. Vote bank politics and minority appeasement become more important for all these political parties than national security. But for Modiji, India and India shall remain first and only then politics.

People of India, especially the youths must differentiate the trueness of Modiji versus lie sellers and those who make war cry over NRC.

Modiji is the leader of action and decision and not promise and rhetoric. Modiji is the messiah of development and not the merchant of fear psychosis.

On the issue of politics versus governance, Modiji has always chosen governance and development of India than vote bank politics and minority appeasement.

India must stay together and united with Modiji to build New India and Sab Ka Vikas. The organized and well-orchestrated game plan of some opposition parties to derail the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas must be defeated at any cost. People of India should never fall victim to dynasty politics or negative politics of the opposition parties and instead must pledge their unconditional support to Modiji.

People must recognize the absolute truth that if Modiji wins, India wins. The victory of Modiji in 2019 is more needed for India than for Modiji. Soon in West Bengal also government must enroll the people into NRC to ensure citizens’ rights are protected and also national security is achieved.  Those Hindus who suffered religious persecution from various Islamic countries must also be protected.

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