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The upcoming changes in Indian Railways are revolutionary: Read how

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Nowadays people of India are getting tired by the delaying of trains and people have assumed that the Government of India and railway minister is the reason behind all this.

so many citizens of the country have no idea about that Indian Railway is passing through a big change.

In this country, the person who works for the society and country would be abused by some of the narrow-minded people ignoring the facts.

People have no idea about the actual reasons about the trains delays. The trouble we are facing right now would bring a new change in railways. We people will feel and see the difference in railways.

World’s fourth largest Railway network is being developed by high-quality assets to serve the people of India.

A few days ago it was in news that the trains were getting delayed for long hours and even some of the so-called palm journalists like Ravish Kumar had covered this story in their prime-time. However they didn’t (choose to) show the fact about the inconvenience.

Here are some examples of the incumbent government’s initiatives towards Indian Railways’ reforms:

  1. In all over India government is silently changing the railway tracks on war level.
  2. The tracks are being made to handle the 200KMPH speed.
  3. The electrification of all Railway routes is going on.
  4. Most of the time the trains get delayed due to goods trains, hence, the government is developing a rail freight corridor which will only handle good trains with maximum speed.
  5. All old railway traffic systems are being replaced by new modern trafficking systems.
  6. All trains are getting modern technologies like WiFi and advance coach systems.
  7. All old train engines and coaches are replaced by new engines and coaches which is compatible with new technology.
  8. Trains will have bio-toilets and sensor-based water system.
  9. For preventing accidents some kind of special senses has been installed in engines which can detect the position of tracks before the 100 to 200 m.
  10. One of the major revolutions we shall see is, the speed of the trains, runnig upto on 200 km per hour without any accident.
  11. The theme of railway stations are to be changed introducing the world-class facilities like advanced lift system elevators WiFi, cleanliness and beautification, construction of over and under bridges- to name a few.
  12. Government is also planning to run T18/20 trains.
  13. The new trains are indigenous production under the Make In India and they are made in ISF Chennai, ISF have claimed that T18 train is developed with half cost of all exported trains
  14. The train T18 will have GPS big windows, high speed WiFi connectivity and this speed of 160 km per hour, it will change our way of travelling in India.
  15. The cost of one coach for T18 is 25 million and the cost of 20 coaches is 55 million.
  16. First time there would be 16 chair car coaches, 14 coaches will be non-executive and two coaches will be executive. The sitting capacity of the executive coach will be 56 and 78 of non-executive coach.
  17. Design of T18 is based on LHB, made on stainless steel.
  18. This train will be AC and the seats will be like airplanes, more comfortable than the other trains.
  19. This train will have an automatic sliding footstep service.
  20. This train will short the long distances, as the average speed of this train will be 130 km per hour. It will save 3 hours of time in long roots.
  21. This train T18 could be the advanced version and an option of Shatabdi and T20 trains Kulbir option of Rajdhani.
  22. The interface of this train will be seen as a bullet train. There will be a driver cabin from both ends solving the problem of reversal.
  23. There will be zero discharge from lavatories as the bio vacuum toilets will be touch-free bathrooms.
  24. Especially for Divyang people, this train will have the facility of wheelchair.
  25. Government is planning to start T18 this year by December end, and have planned to launch T20 in 2020.

These are some of the silent yet rapid work of the government to revamp the railways and no media has reported such revolutionary changes that the Indian Railway is experiencing. Aren’t we paying our contribution if we adjust to some problems? This pain will change the face of the Indian Railways and we will feel the difference.

The Indian Railways is on a revolutionary working mode after the Independence. The work which should have been done decades ago is now being done. We are proudly very thankful to our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji And their core team members like Shri Piyush Goyal ji and Nitin Gadkari ji.

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