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Piyush Goyal

Lok Sabha election 2019- BJP’s chances in West Bengal

Some suggestions for a 10 point strategy that may not only fetch electoral success but their implementation would also do a lot of good to the people of the state.

Despite the negativity of opposition, the perfect budget makes it way into the hearts of people and emerges as a winner

Narendra Modi once said in one of his Parliament speeches that one could doubt anything about him but one shouldn’t ever doubt his political acumen. He was right.

The upcoming changes in Indian Railways are revolutionary: Read how

World's fourth largest railway network is being developed by high-quality assets with a total revamp of Indian Railways.

Rural Electrification: Modi delivered, in time

He delivered, but the motivated questions will never stop

Railways on cusp of strategic and operational transformation

Some key developments and steps being taken by the Railways

न जयप्रकाश आंदोलन कुछ कर पाया न ही अन्ना आंदोलन

क्या हमारे देश के नेताओं और सरकारी विभागों में एक लाल बत्ती ही है जो उन्हें 'अतिविशिष्ठ' होने का दर्जा या एहसास देती है?

Why we need more ministers like Jayant Sinha and Piyush Goyal to push the reforms agenda

Jayant Sinha and Piyush Goyal share a commonality which provided them an access to political circles.

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