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The inconsistency of Priyanka Chopra

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Bollywood as an industry today, has in fact, an unfair share of wind vanes, whose statements contribute to its “intellectual” presence. If you happen to trace their inspiration, you will see that the pattern resonates with how paper floats in the air. Paper? Well, that fit in quite well didn’t it? (Money). Ironically, it is an industry funded by the viewers who find themselves targeted by the constant abuse of the members of the fraternity, and it is truly sad to watch most of the Bollywood actors stooping to this level to earn a living.

From Swara Bhaskar to Priyanka Chopra, most of the actresses seem to be hypnotized by money and fame even if it means losing self-respect, even if it means bringing down their motherland. But sometimes, looking at the passionate statements and ferocious replies from some actors when people question their views, it leads us to wonder if they are being paid or speak from the bottom of their hearts.

Priyanka Chopra was one of the few actresses in the industry whom I truly respected but have unfortunately found it depleting the past month as I have found her promoting the Anti-India pseudo-intellectual narrative. She now stars in the latest hate tirade against Hindustan, as a pawn to propagate lies and hatred towards Hinduism, her religion, in the latest episode of Quantico.

One might say that profession and personal views are separate, but it sure is a pretty good time to be vocal about it and clarify. It doesn’t end there. The show also maligns India by accusing it of an attempt to bomb Manhattan, and blaming it on Pakistan to spoil US-Pakistan relationships! Now, this is why “Irony and Hypocrisy” was, in fact, a good contender for the article title;

Firstly, it is unbelievable that Pakistan, a nation which is due to a revolution, is being portrayed as a victim. Secondly, Hinduism and India are one of the most tolerant and peaceful cultures and countries respectively. Many soldiers die protecting this peace-loving democracy against Pakistani infiltrators almost every week. Such is the notion that this show is undermining. They were insensitive to the sentiments by showing the terrorist wearing a Rudraksha garland. Rudraksha is one of the holiest symbols in Hinduism as it is considered as a teardrop of Lord Shiva; This symbolic garland, revered by millions in India including me, is worn around the neck to keep away negative influences. This is being used as a negative symbol in the show.

It has not been the only instance in recent times that she has acted against India’s interests. Last month she visited the largest Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh as a UN ambassador at the same time when a report of Amnesty International was published informing that Rohingya militants had killed 99 Hindus in August 2017. India has strongly advocated against Rohingya refugees as they pose a threat to national security, and despite this fact, there are about thousands of Rohingyas staying in India who are getting more limelight than that received by the country’s own tormented Kashmiri Pandits. Surprisingly she is also the brand ambassador of Assam state tourism where indigenous locals have been fighting against immigration and the influx of refugees from Bangladesh for decades as there were rapid demographic changes over the years.

We now find Priyanka Chopra endorsing conflicting interests but don’t know if she really understands the implications of her actions or has given an indefinite rest to her brain cells. When a person is a role model for millions, one naturally expects that person to have a consistent stand on a particular issue. It is not entirely her fault as we Indians let people abuse and mock our beliefs, defame our practices and in general, our way of living, and let them get away with it. One can only wonder what her late father who was an army man must feel about the latest episode!

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