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Home Media No, Mr. TJS George, Tripura elections were no miracles: Here is why

No, Mr. TJS George, Tripura elections were no miracles: Here is why

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On reading TJS George’s write up ‘Elections are now miracles’ (TNIE March 11), I decided to glean facts and compare the same with the write-up and found out that the writer seems to be oblivious of the ground realities. The fact is that the people of Tripura have forsaken the left ideology and have embraced the BJP, the signs of which were visible right from 2014 when people came out in huge numbers to see PM Narendra Modi inaugurating the second unit of ONGC Tripura Power Company in Palatana and finally culminated in BJP securing 43% of the vote share and becoming the largest party.

RSS which has been burning midnight oil for the past few years in Tripura has dealt a big blow to the Communist base by making inroads into tribal areas. The state had witnessed targeted killings of BJP workers when the winds of change were felt by the CPIM. The people are reeling under economic distress, which is reflected from the annual per capita Income of state at Rs 38,493 which is less than national average of Rs 44,345 and this speaks volumes about the failure of communism and its economic model. The writer goes on to mock/criticize the BJP’s effort to stitch alliances with other parties which is indeed preposterous.

A few years back, the intellectuals and media syndicate were saying that BJP was untouchable and parties would seldom forge alliance with BJP because of its Hindutva ideology. Modi has indeed forced these so-called intellectuals to take a 180 degree turn. The writer then points out the vandalism of statues of Lenin, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee et al as something which is a fall out of BJP’s victory. There is no doubt that people should not flout the laws of the land but one must understand that the executive of the land has the right to pull-down the statues of terrorists like Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov who has killed lakhs of people. The writer has conveniently forgotten the desecration of Ganesha Vigrahas and other idols during the time of Periyar. Isn’t that violence?

The mentality that condones the destruction of Hindu idols and symbols is not only criminal in nature but also perilous for our society and such ideology that encourages people to resort to violence under the garb of anti-Brahmanism is reprehensible. The people of Tamil Nadu have forsaken Dravidian ideology and have embraced Hinduism which is reflected from the ever-growing numbers of pilgrims from the state in Sabarimala.

Finally, the writer expresses his apprehensions over the possible Ghar-Wapasi of Christian people back into Hindu fold in the north-east. The writer needs to understand that the right to propagation of religion as enshrined in the constitution is not one-sided and such negative views only reflect the writer’s innate nature of hatred towards Sangha Parivar and its ideology.

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