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Curious case of Modern Vidyottama and Rahul Gandhi

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Life is a spiritual journey. I professionally work as a research scientist in the field of Robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Control Systems.

India is a land of great philosophers because scholars are revered more than even mighty kings. Therefore, scholars or pundits enjoy high regards from common men. There is a famous dramatic story about pre-enlightened Kalidasa and Vidyottama. Why we are discussing Vidyottma and pre-enlightened Kalidasa because a very similar event is happening on great Indian political stage right now.

Ok, so now let’s start with the story. At the time of Great Vikramaditya, there was also a princess called Vidyottma. As true to her name she was highly learned and defeated all scholars of her kingdom. Naturally, her father vowed that he will marry Vidyottma to a groom who can excel in scholarship even to Vidyottma. This vow by King was taken as an insult by scholars of Kingdom who were defeated by Vidyottmna. Therefore, defeated scholars also took the vow that by all means, we will manage to wed Vidyottma with a stupid so that they can take revenge on Vidyottma by making her married life miserable. They went on searching the most stupid person in the Kingdom. One day they saw a person (Kalidasa) sitting on the branch of a tree and cutting it from the side in such a way that if the branch is cut person will fall immediately. These scholars immediately realized this is the most stupid person in the kingdom who is cutting the same branch on which he is sitting. They took Kalidasa to the royal palace while promising him that he will be given royal luxuries with the only condition that he should not speak even a word when faced with princess rather answer her questions with gestures only. And these scholars will translate and explain his gestures to the princess, King, and whole audience. Kalidasa immediately accepted this proposal. He was brought before princess Vidyottma for scholarly debate and scholars accompanying Kalidasa informed the princess and King that they have a suitable match for Vidyottama who is wisest of all men on the earth. They also informed that great Scholar Kalidasa was on Maun Vrata (vow of silence) still he agreed to enlighten Vidyottma with condition that debate will take place in gestures from both sides and we will explain deep philosophical answers by Kalidasa to the audience. Vow of silence was very common among spiritual practitioners so it was readily accepted by all and debate started. Vidyottma showed one raised finger in gesture asking what is that one true tatva which creates the world. Kalidasa was an idiot and could not comprehend the simple philosophical meaning behind question so rather he thought that Vidyottma by showing one finger saying that she will pierce his one eye making him blind in one eye. Kalidasa immediately responded with two raised fingers with inner intention thinking that he will pierce both her eyes making her completely blind. Scholars explained this idiotic response of Kalidasa that our Guruji Kalidasa saying that in reality there are two eternally real Tatva one is the Brahman (God) and second is the Jivas (living entities). Vidyottma showed open palm with five fingers with meaning that there are five great senses and what controls it? As usual, Kalidasa thought that this lady is showing wants to slap me so he showed fist stating that he will hit her with घूँसा (fist). Again, the scholars explained idiotic gesture of Kalidasa to the audience that Guruji wants to say all the five senses are controlled by more powerful one manas (mind). Like this debate went on and crooked scholars explained every idiotic gesture of Kalidasa into deep philosophical meanings and thus on conclusion f debate Vidyottma agreed to marry mahamurkha Kalidasa.

Now If we see the current political situation of India we can see a lot of similarities between characters involved in this dramatic story and participants and stakeholders of Indian democracy. Like Indian citizens can be compared to Vidyottma, because like Vidyottama respected scholars and wanted to choose a suitable husband who will be the future ruler of the kingdom, the same way Indian citizens also respect wise men and want to choose a PM of the nation in upcoming 2019 LS elections. The so-called congress sponsored intellectuals yet Idiots (IYI) chamchas are similar to supporting scholars of Kalidasa. The way supporting scholars felt insulted by Vidyottama so they conspired a plan to make the life of Vidyottama miserable by inflicting the most stupid person on her as her husband and future ruler of Kingdom. Same way congress sponsored IYI chamchas feel insulted as their free incessant advice, open letters, tons of Opeds, twisted interviews, fear mongering and open support to Congress has not been respected by Indian electorate in LS 2014 and successive VS elections. Now these IYI chamchas want to take revenge on Indian citizens by inflicting most incompetent politicians called Rahul Gandhi on India as its PM. Therefore, the way idiotic gestures of Kalidasa was explained as great philosophical wisdom to Vidyottama same way congress sponsored IYI chamchas are passing the idiotic ramblings of Rahul Gandhi as deep philosophical, scientific and technical gems to us unwashed masses. We are told by congress IYI chamchas that we unwashed masses of India cannot understand verbal articulation of complex mental ideas of Rahul Gandhi like how Politics is in your shirt, in your pant, why Dalit community ‘needs the escape velocity of Jupiter’ to achieve success etc.

So, the whole chain of event is like this Rahul Gandhi is fed with BIG scientific, technical and philosophical jargons and ideas by his political handlers but Rahul Gandhi, as usual, makes Loren Ipsum of that information on public platforms by his abilities unique to him. When in spite of their best efforts “Rayta fail jata hai” means Rahul Gandhi makes a big mess of the Big data their handlers activate congress sponsored IYI chamchas to explain his Loren Ipsum garbage as a wonderful abstract articulation of deep philosophy which common man cannot understand unless blesses by the divine favour of Gandhi Dynasty. Like unconnected Loren Ipsum of Rahul Gandhi on connecting all MRIs is passed as great examples of IoT (Internet of Things). One can only laugh.

Ancient Vidyottama succumbed to the thuggery of crooked scholars because she had no independent way of verifying real abilities of pre-enlightened Kalidasa by interacting with him directly but luckily in the present context Indian electorate as modern Vidyottama is supported by smart vigilant netizens on social media so IYI chamchas are not succeeding rather getting fierce backlash on social media to which they call trolling. All pre-SM era mediocre Nehru Gandhis are presented by darbari chamchas as intellectual giants, saviour of masses and messiah of humanity in their tightly controlled narratives but in SM era those false gods are exposed of their divine halo. This is paining to IYI chamchas, therefore, most of them want total clamp down on social media or at least it should be sanitized as per their taste where these chamchas can inflict their pre-enlightened Kalidasa on upcoming Vidyottamas.

In the ancient story, after marriage naturally Vidyottam quickly found out that his husband was stupid who was uttering उट् उट् seeing camel so she chastised him and ask him to get knowledge. Later this man went on to become one of the greatest scholars by blessings of Goddess Kali and got his famous name Kalidasa. Hopefully, our Rahul Gandhi also get real blessings of the divine goddess to have real intelligence but till then modern Vidyottama will not accept this cheating of IYI chamchas.

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Life is a spiritual journey. I professionally work as a research scientist in the field of Robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Control Systems.
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