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Arrangement of India and Wassenaar

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India has entered into Wassenaar Arrangement in December first week. Wassesnaar Arrangement is one of the four export control dominions. India has became 42nd member of this group, the other countries are Canada, France, Germany, Russia, UK, Japan and US.

Details on algorithm of Wassenaar Arrangement

Exporting of dangerous weapons like Nuclear, Chemical or Mass Destruction in particular but also monitoring their tradings, the materials and technologies used for their manufacture and also the dual use of weapons i.e both military and civilian purposes. The countries in the end of their meet exchanges essential documents and technologies of those weapons with each other (whatever is needed).

The GamePlay

India may use it’s card of entry for making a membership in NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group). Surely it will irk China a lot, as it always had tried out a way to stonewall India.

Another thing is that India has become member without Non-Proliferation Treaty, may be it played risk for it’s entry in NSG.

It’s a well-planned step taken by India also a great achievement to recognize itself among the powerfulls.

Hope Best outcome for future!

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