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The left liberal delusion

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The reason this piece is titled the way it has been is because of the delusion that a lot of us live under that the left-wing intelligentsia is somewhat liberal. The coinage of the term ‘Left Liberal’ is ironical considering the fact that the Left is anything but liberal.

If history is anything to go by, the left has been as vicious in their attacks against those holding counter viewpoint and have used their brute force to silence their voices by sheer power in establishment or otherwise.

The countless mass murders in communist ruled states further proves that the left-wing has always crushed the counter viewpoint and has not even hesitated once before killing those having a different ideology or viewpoint.

Back home, the leading left party CPI (M)’s rule in Kerala and West Bengal had a left behind a trail of bodies and bloodshed all in the name of a Utopian revolution.

The left have always had a strong hold over academics in India and to say that they don’t will be a blatant lie. The left enjoyed patronage from the Congress who ruled the country for the major part since independence and the CPI(M) was a major player in the Congress-led UPA government where its prominent leader Somenath Chatterjee even served as the speaker of the Lok Sabha during UPA(I). But they have crushed and jeopardized and even ruined the carriers of those holding a different viewpoint. For the left it is basically my way or the highway.

How can people who idolize and have given god like status to mass murderers like Stalin, Mao, Castro, Guevara,Chavez , Lenin and trust me when I say that the list is long , can even be called a liberal is beyond my understanding and trust me when the left speaks about the current regime being fascist, irony bangs it’s head on an iron rod.

The left-wing intelligentsia all over the world and especially in India have been called out numerous times for their bluff on issues, whataboutery (which I tell you they are the best at) and most importantly hypocrisy.

A Google search tells you that a liberal is someone who is “willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas”. The irony here is the left is still stuck in their age-old Utopian revolution which has brought nothing but devastation all around the world and is devoid of new ideas. Forget respecting, they fight tooth and nail to crush and do everything in their power to belittle the opposing viewpoint or ideology.

So the next time you meet a person who holds a leftist don’t even think he is a liberal because he definitely won’t be one.

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