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Supreme Court appointed judges pays back to Congress ideology

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Today 4 senior judges of Supreme Court out of 23 came in front of media and accused Chief Justice of India, Deepak Mishra and openly claimed that top court is “not in order” and CJI is transferring selected cases to his preferred benches. And also added, due to this Democracy would not survive in the country.

The 4 judges who claimed these, are:

  1. Justice J. Chelameswar
  2. Justice Ranjan Gogoi
  3. Justice Madan B. Lokur
  4. Justice Kurian Joseph

The issue is very serious and this incident happened first time in India that SC judges came in front of media and done the press conference and accused the CJI.

But the thing is, why this happened? Who is behind this? Why have CJI judges done the press conference like this? Who made them do this blast in the judiciary?

Let us analyze that in detail.

First, we will get to know about some decisions taken by our CJI Deepak Mishra.

  1. He reverted back the Mayawati’s government decision on Reservation in Promotion in UP.
  2. He got death threat because he rejected the 1993 Mumbai serial blast convict Yakub Menon’s appeal to stop his execution.
  3. He upheld the death sentence to four convicts in Nirbhaya rape case.
  4. He passed the order to play Nation Anthem in cinema halls before starting of every movie.
  5. He gave rights to women to enter in Sabriwala Temple in Kerala.
  6. He gave orders to Delhi Police to upload every FIRs online within 24 hours.

These all are some bold decisions taken by him. And he never felt afraid to stand against all these bad things happening even after death threats.

Now come to the point that why these 4 senior judges accused him. The main two causes of this are:

  1. He is leading the bench which will pass the judgment on Ram Janambhoomi issue and slammed Kapil Sibbal for delaying this issue.
  2. He ordered a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to reopen 1984 Sikh Riots cases and investigate 286 cases related to it.

The Congress played a very good move and judges appointed him in past pays back. Previously, I was a little bit confused why our top judiciary have done this but later seeing some incidents and reports in media after that, I came to know that these all the things are pre-planned and have done to weaker his judgment, put pressure on him and low down the standard of SC.

The senior leader of the left party, D. Raja met Justice J. Chelameswar before this. KTS Tulsi supported them, who represented Robert Vadra in DLF land case, 1993 terror attackers and also, he his nominated for Rajya Sabha by Congress.

Suddenly, all Modi haters came into support of these 4 judges and accused CJI. The picture got cleared enough after that.

My friends, if you are thinking that this is a big and bold move against the wrong things happening in SC by these 4 judges then you are on the wrong side.

Yes, many things are happening wrong in SC but the problem is not our CJI, the real problem is judges like these who was appointed long back by Congress and appointment system of judges in the judiciary which is going to reform by our CJI and Modi government for more transparency.

This incident happened just to question CJI decisions in future openly, lower down the morality of SC and question the constitution of India.

Written By Lovish Bansal

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