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Supreme favouritism of the Supreme Court of India

Can any common forgery-case accused of India other than Teesta Setalvad expect to get such highly preferential consideration from CJI?

Civil Society isn’t enemy while not free from subversion, suborn, division & manipulation

It is hard to say whether Indian Civil Society is subverted, suborned, divided and manipulated or not, but there are a large number of influential black sheep in Indian civil society having direct link with inimical elements abroad who have been relentlessly working against national interest by way of engaging themselves in creating political instability and disharmony among communities, castes, regions, languages, etc.

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made”

With three women judges swearing-in, The Supreme Court of India now has the highest number of sitting women judges ever in its History of 7 decades.

Chief Justice and the curious case of in causa sua

Indian judiciary and its way of practice.

An open letter to Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India

Time may have come for the Central Government and the State Governments, to grab these Pandemic Times, as THE occasion to achieve the twin aims of a huge reduction in the docket explosion in courts and a collateral yet humongous economic benefit in the hands of the litigants.

Take a bow our Supreme Court has now become truly supreme

We now have a bench strength of 34 which never sits together as one, but split as benches of 2 or more and hears a variety of causes on their Boards, as picked and chosen by the Chief Justice of India as Master of the Roster.

Dear Supreme Court of India, we the citizens expect just a little from you

The supreme court needs to understand that their job is not to govern people, their job is to ensure that the people of the country govern themselves in the best possible way

Why the impeachment saga is an opportunity in disguise

There is an opportunity to set definite precedents to avoid recurrence of similar situations in future.

Undemocratic, unconstitutional and extrajudicial legacy of Congress

Congress has a long history of attacking judiciary and subverting the institution.

क्या वाकई लोकतंत्र खतरे में है जज साहब?

माननीय जजों की पद की गरिमा का पूरा ध्यान रखते हुए उनके आरोपों पर कुछ सवाल मन में उठते हैं जिनकी चर्चा इस लेख में की जा रही है।

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