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Krishna Kumar

Novelist, blogger, columnist and a RW liberal. Managing Trustee, Vedyah Foundation. Latest political thriller, "The New Delhi Conspiracy", co-authored with Meenakshi Lekhi, MP, is now on the stands.

An open letter to the Honorable President, Republic of India, on the SC’s observations on Nupur Sharma

To, The Honorable President of the Republic of India,Rashtrapati Bhavan,New Delhi -110001 Sub: Petition against the observations of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India passed yesterday on...

क्या जेएनयू हिंसा छात्र संघों के राजनीतिक दलों से किसी भी तरह के साहचर्य को पूरी तरह से प्रतिबंधित करने का सही मौका नहीं...

क्या एक सभ्य लोकतंत्र को चलाने हेतु आवश्यक नागरिकों की नस्ल को पैदा करने और प्रशिक्षित करने के उद्देश्य में इस तरह के विरोध प्रदर्शन किसी तरह से उपयोगी हो पाएँगे? या ये अराजकता और तानाशाही को जन्म देंगे?

Why the impeachment saga is an opportunity in disguise

There is an opportunity to set definite precedents to avoid recurrence of similar situations in future.

Does singing the national anthem mean wearing patriotism on your sleeves?

Is it not just a part of a citizen's fundamental duties

The Freelancers of chaos

There appears to be a well-orchestrated attempt to spread disharmony

Is the Chhath only for Biharis? No, it’s for YOU

Chhat rituals are powerful for naturally healing the body, mind and the soul. Find out how.

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