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Republic Day Seating Arrangement Controversy

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26th Jan 2018: This was the day that marked the beginning of a new chapter in Indo Asean ties. With heads of 10 Asean nations as chief guest, breathtaking performances by army personnel and various cultural shows, it was indeed a spectacular display of our unity in diversity and military powers. But it seems Indian National Congress and specially Rahul Gandhi has vowed to let nation down in front of the world. They always create controversies whenever Prime Minister is out with some respected world leaders.

This time it was with regards to seat assigned to Mr.Rahul Gandhi. As per protocol he was assigned a seat in the 4th row. Which upon his arrival was moved to 6th row. Now the thing I dont understand is whats the reason to create such an issue. Rahul Gandhi is a common man, isn’t he? He himself always tries and convince us people that he is one of us. Then why he wants a seat in the 1st row with VIP’s? Has he achieved something in his career on his own? Or does a common man despite buying tickets for parade allowed to seat in the front row with VIP’s?

Congress party is in the opposition, so that does not mean they oppose each and every stupid little thing. Since Rahul carries a surname Gandhi, that does not mean he must get VIP treatment everywhere. Is it written anywhere in the constitution that a person with Gandhi surname must have all the privileges? When will the congress party understand that in Democracy we the people are King and not the once in Parliament? They will not win elections by creating controversies, instead try and work for people without thinking of earning.

Politics must not be a profession but a social service which the MP’s and MLA’s are elected by the people. Hope congress party understands this little thing and start working for welfare of people and nation rather than One Person or One Family.

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