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Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Bhima Koregaon unrest reveals his evil designs

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This is what Rahul Gandhi tweeted :

This tweet on Bhima Koregaon violence, where a Maratha boy was killed for wearing t-shirt having an image of Shivaji by alleged Dalit activists, is nothing new or surprising. Congress has always divided the nation on the basis of caste and religion for their own political benefit.

They have always used the Dalits and the Muslims as their Vote bank but practically did nothing for these communities on the ground.

To quote a recent example, this party that claims to be the savior and up lifter of the Muslims had done nothing to abolish instant Triple Talaq, a practice that has ruined the lives of many Muslim women. Ironically it was the BJP, which the Congress claims as a Hindu party, that came out is support to abolish this primitive practice.

The Congress party today is at its most vulnerable position than ever before due to a series of big defeats since 2014. Today it rules only 4 states and 1 union territory.

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on the Maharashtra Violence is nothing but a desperate attempt to gain political mileage by influencing the Dalits and use them as their vote banks. He tried the same in Gujarat as well. He was successful to some extent but was ultimately defeated in the election.

He is just adopting Congress’ age old divisive principle of ‘KHAM’ (Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim). This tactic was First implemented by Madhav Singh Soloanki (Gujarat Congress leader) and later used extensively by Rahul Gandhi’s father, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in the 80s.

Since then this theory has been used by the Congress to use these communities as vote bank by inciting and dividing them often by the use of violence. And Rahul Gandhi’s tweet is nothing but a continuation of this very principle of ‘KHAM’.

Interestingly a case has been filed against Jignesh Mevani for inciting Violence in this Bhima Koregaon violence. This is the same so-called ‘Dalit leader’ from Gujarat with whom Mr Rahul Gandhi stitched an alliance and played the Dalit card to win the elections.

Also another person against whom a FIR has been filed along with Mevani is Umar Khalid.

Remember him. ‘Bharat tere tukde honge, Insallah, Insallah’. Yes he is the same person who was booked in relation to The JNU case in 2016. During the JNU incident as well, Rahul Gandhi came in open support for this person who was booked for raising slogans in support in Afzal Guru and destruction of India.

Can you see the link?

From the above incidents it can be easily decoded that this is nothing but a part of well-designed larger strategy by the Congress and some of its allies, to destabilize Maharashtra. This is in line with Patidar Reservation Andolan in Gujarat and Jat Andolan in Haryana. It’s a clear attempt to incite violence and gain political mileage for the upcoming 2019 Maharashtra Assembly elections.

Rahul Gaandhi wants the situation to get more violent as this will lead to instability of the Ruling BJP government in Maharashtra, whose CM is coincidentally a Brahman. I am sure the Congress will project some Dalit leaders from this violence in line with Jignesh Mevani, Hardik Patel and Alpesh thakor as they did in Gujarat.

These people are the very persons who have been working hard along with its allies to destabilize India by inciting violence and dividing people on the basis if caste and religion.

These are the same people who question the Indian army on Surgical Strike, the same group who raise slogans in support of India’s destruction and the same people who held secret meetings with Pakistan.

Hence his tweet is nothing but a part of well devised Congress politics of division by caste. The sooner people of Maharashtra, especially the Dalits realize this, the better it will be for the future of Maharashtra and India.

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