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Rahul Gandhi Coronation – What is Congress Strategy?

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On 16th Dec Rahul Gandhi will be officially declared as president of Congress party. And anybody observing Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections see BJP is definitely dominating. Multiple opinion polls have given positive edge to BJP. So question is why Congress want to welcome upcoming president with eminent losses in assembly elections. Perhaps losses aren’t new to Congress and Rahul Gandhi!

This coronation is long-held overdue. In the past multiple dates speculated for possible elevation but only now CWC has announced the selection process and by 16 December he will take over as Congress President. Does this has to do with ill-health Mrs Sonia Gandhi? As she was recently hospitalized in the late October. Neither she has not taken active participation in the elections rallies for last couple of years.

Even though Rahul Gandhi is calling shots from help for quite sometime he hasn’t achieved anything fruitful in the electoral politics. There were string of losses including total rout in UP, failing to stitch alliance in Manipur and Goa, loosing alliance in Bihar are some of the forgettable fetes in 2017.


Now Gujarat Congress is no where close to winning even after Mandir hopping, stitching rainbow alliance with Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh. And thanks to self goals by Kapil Sibal, Mani Shankar Aiyyar, Salman Nizami.  And to add to Congress worries another expected loss even in Himachal Pradesh on account of failed governance and corruption cases against Vidarbha Singh. And hardly Rahul Gandhi has addressed election rallies in HP.

Next big election is that of Karnataka, last big bastion of Congress. Current environment in Karnataka is also not so conductive for Congress reelection. With these expected mounting losses Congress is in search of scape goat? Is there a plan to bring in Priyanka Gandhi as savior of the Congress? Ponawallas public drama on Congress president election/selection episode definitely adds some color. Before 2019 Loksabha elections do we see another change in the Congress presidency?

It is interesting to note that the main stream media is going gaga over Rahul elevation and none of them are asking these questions to Congress. And some even day dreaming renowned avatar of Rahul Gandhi post presidency take over. Hope there will be some introspection post electoral results. Till then good luck to Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

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