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Pakistan: A journey from Jinnah to Jihad

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Pakistan is a country with so many paradoxes. Today has become a centre of global terrorism. Terrorism has become so mainstream here, that us designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed has established a political party and fielded a proxy to contest by-polls against against ex-Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif’s wife.

The proxy surprisingly came third in the elections which is very disturbing fact. Today Pakistan is going downhill on way to jihad against everything its first prime-minister envisioned.

Incidentally there is precariously low information about Jinnah in the public sphere.

A moderate Muslim personally with a Parsi wife, he was fond of wine, cigar and pork, never liked a radical approach in his personal view of religion. Coincidentally because of his hunger for power, he used religion to gain a political agenda which caused years of political fragmentation of the Indian society and isolated Indian Muslim. Its well known that he used religion to gain power but it’s now also clear he was much less concerned about Muslims in general.



After Independence when he reached Karachi, he made a statement that, those who are left behind, stay there and live peacefully“ which clearly showed he less concerned about his fellow Muslims as a whole. Pakistan was not created for Muslims it was created for few landlords who want to keep control over few resources. It is still very unfortunate that only a few families are controlling the nation.

In Pakistan they start calling migrated Muslims a “Mujahirs” and discriminate against them. Now this has created new problems in Pakistan and it later led to an era of Islamifiaction of politics which wasn’t a clear intention of Jinnah. Jinnah is so forgotten that even to this day Pakistan has not official biography of their first prime minister .



His ideals have been long been forgotten in his own land which has slipped into chaos where jihad is killing children in schools and its also feared that feared its creeping into the military. If it continues then it will eat the country from inside and would be the reason for its collapse.

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