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When would Mufti and Abdullah be set free?

India’s enemies are investing much in the hope that Muftis and Abdullahs would be free soon

Is there a Kashmir Policy under Narendra Modi govt.?

Narendra Modi's govt. approach is very clear - it wants a lasting peace in Kashmir, and not a short term band-aid, for which army will have to be given a free hand.

Supreme Court removed Nawaz Sharif from party president’s post

Nawaz Sharif is the only leader of Pakistan who has held the record three times as the Prime Minister.

Pakistan: A journey from Jinnah to Jihad

It is a country with so many paradoxes

Pakistan’s Panama Verdict and Mental Constipation of India’s ‘Intellectuals’

The 'intellectuals' exposed themselves by praising Pakistan's system without knowing the facts

A deep and thoughtful conversation between Nawaz Sharif and the Generals

Nawaz Sharif and the Generals: A humourous conversation

Modi is at crossroads and possibly facing biggest test of nerves

Its checkmate Prime Minister Modi.

Understanding Indo-Pak Relations in context of the Pathankot Attacks

My Understanding of  Indo-Pak Relations and Views over the Pathankot Attacks Pakistan is a failed state. In any democratic country, all foreign policy decisions (diplomatic and...

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