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Feminism: A concept of the weak

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Beginning with an apology in case, you will judge this article by its title and spread hate. Life isn’t easy being a woman, you struggle, at home, at work, on the streets and where not! Aren’t we tired of hearing this from so called concerned women aka feminists? Now let’s look at the harsh reality.

Feminism: a movement supporting equal rights for women (Oxford Dictionary says so, might be true right!). More like a movement to bash the mindset of men, opinion of men and men themselves. Equality is a word that existed long before feminism and that’s what we hopefully strive for in every field. Equality for men and women! But feminism?

If the term in itself wasn’t biased enough, the medium of presenting it is way worse! Random rants, biased criticism, illogical debates, unworthy quarrels are all that we have got so far out of feminism.

A celebrity replies to an interviewer: “Would you ask the same question to a man?”, the click-bait media goes: “We’ve got our new bad-ass feminist!”.

The real question is, how far is THIS “feminism” helping bring about equality? Recently happened to watch a random video on Facebook by a 18 year old or something that went like: “I am born a woman, men think that b***s are meant to be sucked, v*****s are meant to be f****d….”

dayumm! OK LADY! Take a chill pill, keep the hate and blame-game aside and please tell the world how your vulgar little poem is helping women in remote or even posh areas from rapes, threats or discrimination? If you think that people; after watching your cute little video go like: “Oh damn, I was wrong all these years, women are meant to be treated with dignity. Let’s respect every woman from today”, then you’re grave wrong. Like isn’t that obvious.

You don’t need to be screaming about the current situation of the world because I suppose all of us can see and hear it. What we are in need, is of women, who don’t wait and scream for help and bark about rights; we are in need of women who can go out and prove that they’re no less than a man. Yes there is a need to prove this, because the world still thinks that women are weak and as of now, they’re right!

If you’re an “equality” upholder, you should focus on how to educate women on the importance of self defense rather than focusing on barking about how the world isn’t safe for women and how the government and men are not doing anything to change it. There! Right there ends your sense of independence. You want the help of men and government to protect yourself?

Let’s get facts straight! If rapes were to end by your videos, murders, robbery, forgery, smuggling etc etc etc would all come to an end because everyone are aware of the law. We came across the “Blue Whale Game” that claimed many lives, media warned not to play it, today millions just for the sake of it open and install the game. Isn’t that stupid? Well it is! But is that gonna stop them? No! Hence if it all were to stop just by awareness, no psychopaths, no kidnappers, no serial killers, no dons, no terrorists would ever exist! Hence, its time, high high time to stop whining about the situation and start acting before its too late.

In India recently there was a huge havoc when the then CBFC Chairman Pahlaj censored every bit of vulgar scene in a movie. We had a bold movie that explores a woman’s sexuality. Alright cool, this should be an eye opener for the public. Nothing should be hidden! But what do more than half of the audience go to the theater for when such a movie releases?

For enlightenment on women or to gather biological knowledge? NO! “Arrey mast picture hain. Trailer dekha, blue film jaise hi hai, bas beech main thoda gyaan dene ki koshish karenge, wo ignore karte hain aur kya?!” This is an average “bold” moviegoer for you. Whatever be the intention when you make the movie, make profit out of the scenes or to revolutionize Indian Cinema; the concept remains where it was! Objectified women trying to make her point but misses it by an inch of her skirt.

If you really want equality, first step lies in learning to stand up for yourself. Let me tell you the mentality of an average 18 year old. When I joined karate classes it was out of the love for being a bad-ass who can kick some ass. I thought my classmates would be excited. Self-defense classes have given me confidence, concentration and strength to act and think quickly. Sounded like a naaptol advertisement. But that is the truth, martial arts hones you both physically as well as mentally.

Let’s get back to the story. Out of friendship I suggested a few of my 18 year old counterparts to join me and the replies I got were: “Who wants to be a “manchester” like you?”,”Yikes those muscles”,”That kinda body will never get you a boyfriend”,”I have my boyfriend to save me” etc. I wasn’t shocked because that is exactly what I expected from them.

Dear society, that’s the reality for you. Ignorant little barbies who live to impress hot guys or beat other ignorant little barbies at fashion and to look their best because” f*** safety, I wanna look cool!”.

If I’ve ever seen a girl going to the gym, its basically to lose weight so that she can go to the upcoming wedding in the pretty little 3 year old lehenga.

As I wrote earlier, your videos and awareness programs wont change the mindset of the society, hence its time to change ourselves and adapt; to become fearless women who dare to step out after 8:00 at night. Equality and Independence is what we roar about, its time to do all that we wanna do without waiting for a permission; without thinking about what will he/she think, without giving a shit about log kya kahengey.

So, you wanna wear that short super sexy dress you bought for a handsome amount? Know that, there’ll be a bunch of perverts staring at you, waiting for a chance, know that there will probably be no one to help you, but don’t live in the fear of being molested or in the hope of a Mr Charming who will save your day, live in confidence that you can & you will!

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