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Media’s hit job on Haryana violence

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While we have the whining of Libtards instigating to use the “pallet” guns as the crowd assembled to support Ram Rahim doesn’t belong to a “group” of their choice. We didn’t see anyone of those Libtards shedding a tear for those 30 over innocents who are dead, most them were innocent followers of Baba and were unaware of the situation in hand.

Khattar being called by Center and all including those Libtards saw their grudge getting peace if he is sacked. But what comes out was shear disappointment to the media and many others, when Khattar came home safe.

They never imagined a situation where in a crackdown on Baba followers in pre court’s judgement time could have never brought the Baba out of his den in Sirsa. The only measure was to tell him and convince him that he would be a free man in the judgement. This assurance, supported by the free movement of his followers was required in the pre judgement scenario to bring him to court premises.

What the people don’t see is how the govt. controlled a 100K plus bob in less than 3 hours. Have you even seen a 30+ people (won’t say them rioters) getting killed by para military forces in half a day?

Its good to follow an agenda but human lives are valuable whether its Bengal/Kerla/Kashmir/Panchkula or anywhere else.

Damage to property is condemnable whether it is Azad Medan roits, or Dera Sach Khand violence or damage of stations schools in Punjab or in Panchkula yesterday. etc.

Till recently a 2002 registered case didn’t move due a political unwillingness and other hurdles. This is the same political willing of a different group which put the Baba behind bars.

The writer is a free thinker @for_sin

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